Six months for Grant

COURT TODAY BLOCKClad in a short, tight, brown sweater and a light-blue holey shorts, Wayde McLloyd Grant entered the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court looking very angry.

By the time he left a few minutes later, that anger had turned to expletives after he pleaded guilty to a theft charge and was given a six-month prison sentence by Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

Grant was before the court for stealing a computer bag and $9. 75 belonging to Gordon Haynes, sometime between January 11 and 12.

Today, when he was asked whether he was being represented by an attorney, the known drug addict told the magistrate: “I ain’t working nowhere. I ain’t got no money to get no lawyer.”

When he was then asked to plead to the charge, Grant, twisting his dreadlocks, replied: “I want you put me somewhe’e where I could get my medication and somet’ing to eat. I ain’t want to waste the court time so I plead guilty. But dem ain’t find me wid nuh bag. All dem find ‘pon me is money and I had money from befo’e.”

According to the facts which Sergeant Martin Rock outlined, the complainant parked his car on Roebuck Street, The City, closed the doors but forgot to lock them. Police were later alerted that Grant had entered the vehicle and searched it.

Lawmen found him in the area and he admitted taking the items. Grant has several previous convictions.

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