Battle royal

Entertainer John King wants to run for the BLP

Veteran calypsonian and entertainer John King has set his sights on the political stage, singing for the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) against Dr David Estwick of the governing Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

David Estwick

The pretender to the throne in the St Philip West constituency was introduced last night at a branch meeting at the Princess Margaret Secondary School as one of three prospective BLP candidates for the seat.

Although a nomination date has not been set, King said he made the decision to enter the political ring because the country is currently run by “a clueless Government”.

“Not just clueless about economics because we can talk about economics all day long; but when you get down to the simple things of having respect for the people of this country, being able to give people some sort of assurances that you are seeing after their welfare not just your own.

“Ladies and gentlemen I have sat on the sidelines, I have sung songs that criticize BEES, DEES, NDPS, everybody; but when I decide to stop signing and get in the mud and do something there was only one party that I was going to do it with. And I can assure you that I don’t do things halfway. Pit bull or no pit bull, if you give me the support the pit bull will be a lamb,” the entertainer said in reference to Dr Estwick who is sometimes referred to as a “pit bull”.        

Speaking to reporters after the meeting King also said the time was right for him to do something for the country that had done so much for him.

“I am very honoured that the people are coming up to me and saying, ‘well, we are going to support you on this’, because I am going to need a lot, a lot of support. And I am telling you that I have set myself very, very high standards and big targets and one of those things is to get this parish of St Philip, this constituency of St Philip West moving in a direction that would be beneficial for all of the constituents,” he promised.

Before taking on Dr Estwick King will first have to defeat Shanika Roberts-Odle, an export coordinator and customer service representative and Don Callendar, a security consultant, for the nomination.

Roberts-Odle described herself as “a baby in the Barbados Labour Party” who is willing for fight for the constituency.

“When I was thinking about whether or not I would go forward for his particular constituency I was talking to a friend who said, ‘you know you might not want to go up against pitbull’ and I said to them I am a member of the Barbados Labour Party I know no fear.”

Meantime Callendar promised “to bring the fight” to Dr Estwick in an attempt to wrench the seat from his grasp.

3 Responses to Battle royal

  1. jrsmith January 12, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Any , BLP politician at the present time , would run rings around the present government, making them look like fools…
    Well done , MR, King , this is what we want to see in Barbados. the old saying , too much of the same thing make you ill… a change is going to come ,yes it will..

  2. SAM CLARKE January 12, 2016 at 11:52 am


  3. John Doe January 12, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    What a sad day. another Barbadian who is broke and knows that getting into politics can give him a good pay day. This is the sort of thing that we barbadians have to fight against. Take the money out of politics and see how many of the pretenders will serve.


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