Email Sent by Sir Richie located

MELBOURNE – An email from West Indies team manager Sir Richie Richardson has emerged confirming team management was aware of misbehaviour from players towards a woman working with the team during the World Cup last year.

Sir Richie Richardson
Sir Richie Richardson

Although the email does not name the controversial Windies and Melbourne Renegades batsman Chris Gayle, it does confirm concerns were raised about the treatment of a female working around the team in Sydney.

Confirmation of the email comes a day after Gayle launched legal action against Fairfax Media for a report alleging the high-profile cricketer exposed himself to a woman during a World Cup training session in Sydney last year. Fairfax Media stands by the report

 The email from Richardson to team members says: “In the past few days, **** **** has encountered a few uncomfortable situations with members of the team. Please, at all times, treat her in a professional and respectable way.”

 When informed of the email last night, Gayle’s manager said he did not want to comment.

Gayle was one of the Big Bash’s most marketable players when the competition started in 2011 but has been dogged by controversy in each of his three seasons.

 He sparked a sexism row on Monday night with his now infamous “don’t blush baby” interview with Channel Ten reporter Mel McLaughlin.

 Gayle was fined $10,000 by the Melbourne Renegades, a penalty accepted by Cricket Australia, however several cricket officials privately believe the penalty was too lenient and that he should have had his contract torn up. Renegades CEO Stuart Coventry – who described complaints against Gayle as opportunistic – also declined to comment on the new email.

 An unnamed woman had come forward outlining an episode when she entered the Windies dressing room in Sydney last year looking for a sandwich, as she had not eaten all day.

 She said she thought the entire Windies squad was training on the field but instead found Gayle and another player. Gayle was wrapped in a towel, which she alleges he pulled down to partially expose his genitals to her while asking: “Are you looking for this?” 

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