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Boscobel’s double jeopardy

Residents in parts of Boscobel, St Peter have complained bitterly that they have had to cope with the “completely ridiculous and frustrating” double jeopardy of frequent dry taps and a difficult road.

St Peter residents are frustrated with frequent dry taps and unfinished road repairs.

St Peter residents are frustrated with frequent dry taps and unfinished road repairs.

Like a number of districts in the north and east of the island, Boscobel has had its fair share of water outages for several months.

Now some residents are contending that their already dire situation has been made worse by the condition of the road.

They claimed they are forced to walk unusually long distances in order to catch a bus because the public transport system is avoiding their area due to roadworks to repair broken pipes.

Most of the residents who spoke to Barbados TODAY when a team visited the area earlier identified themselves by first names only, while some asked that they not be named. But they all shared a common theme: their condition is calamitous.

Resident Euclid Greaves says the water problem in St Peter has been going on for too long.

Resident Euclid Greaves says the water problem in St Peter has been going on for too long.

Dog owner and animal farmer Lance Boyce told Barbados TODAY he had been resigned to the frequent water interruptions but the added problem with the bus system was maddening.

“I’m getting accustomed to not having the water; that’s the truth. It has been going on so long now. But my main issue now is with the buses. Some of the drivers say that they get instructions not to come down, but still some does come. So all of us down here have to walk all up the road for a bus. This has been going on for about a week now,” he said, indicating that the journey to the nearest bus stop was about ten minutes long.

Boyce, who owns over 20 dogs and four cows, said it was especially taxing on the animals.

“It’s a hard task feeding the animals. They depend on water more than us,” Boyce lamented.

A shop proprietor, who identified himself as Hazel, said the situation had been dire for a long time, but despite the many complaints, there was no improvement.  According to Hazel, just taking a bath is an unpleasant adventure.

“I have to travel miles to get a bath some days. I can’t flush a toilet. Months now this was going on. Some days I can’t get a proper bath. [We are] now back to the days of bathing in buckets. They put down two tanks but you see how much people live around here? We can’t share that water. This thing terrible, man,” he vented.

The residents were also suspicious of the water in the tanks provided by the Barbados Water Authority (BWA), with one person who identified himself as Shawn questioning its quality.

“To be honest, I go at the tank sometimes for my mother but you can’t drink the water; it’s not good. So only if you have a vehicle you can go elsewhere at a standpipe and get some clean water,” he vented.

One resident in Gay’s Village who asked not to be identified, pleaded with the authorities to  address their concerns as a matter of urgency.

“It’s affecting me because you can’t perform daily task. It’s just an inconvenience and then at the end of the day we are still getting a water bill.  I think that’s what frustrates people the most,” he said.

“If I’m being honest it’s been off more than it has been on. I haven’t seen a single person come to talk to us about anything. Furthermore, I haven’t seen a water truck,” he added.

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