Waste matter

More indiscriminate dumping discovered in St Thomas

The indiscriminate dumping of waste in St Thomas has reared its smelly head again, angering Member of Parliament Cynthia Forde, who has demanded that truckers stop the practice.

Mount Wilton, St Thomas yesterday morning, where thousands of gallons of contaminated  molasses were dumped.
Mount Wilton, St Thomas yesterday morning, where thousands of gallons of contaminated
molasses were dumped.

And she has called on the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Tourism to correct the situation as a matter of urgency.

Forde, accompanied by a team from Barbados TODAY, visited Mount Wilton and Clifton Hill, St Thomas this morning, where thousands of gallons of contaminated molasses were being dumped.

While at the scene around 11:15, two open-back trucks were seen entering the property to deposit their waste.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY at the conclusion of the tour, Forde said she became aware of the situation two nights ago when residents complained of a terrible odour.

“The residents were concerned about the odour. However, following my investigations yesterday, I learnt that there is dumping of molasses in the area of Mount Wilton and Clifton Hill. I even ventured to travel on the private property to be able to gather basic information that would enlighten me and the relevant agencies responsible for the dumping,” Forde said.

Forde recalled that she was informed by the property owner that the molasses became contaminated after water had entered the tanks in which the molasses was stored.

According to the parliamentary representative, when questioned about the benefits of dumping the molasses on prime agricultural land, the owner informed her that it would assist in building the stock of earthworms, which would strengthen the soil.

Pointing out that the two estates were in close proximity to Harrison’s Cave, the Opposition Barbados Labour Party MP contended the waste matter could expose that major tourist attraction to serious damage.

“While it may be true that the illegal dumping may enrich the soil, the contaminated molasses could also enter the water system and even damage the coral limestone of which the Cave is made,” she argued.

Barbados TODAY has been unable to ascertain who was responsible for dumping the molasses, with the Barbados Agricultural Management Company denying knowledge of it.


2 Responses to Waste matter

  1. Tony Webster January 6, 2016 at 6:22 am

    Hmmm, there is a residence where some of this stuff might also be dumped…admittedly, in total -and illegal- desperation. However, I have no idea where the irrelevant minister lives. Frustrated and hard-done -by farmers in France have done it with surplus wine, cheese, and milk.Their English counterparts do it ever-so-often by running sheep through the streets near Westminster, or a house at No.10. I do not so recommend…but it certainly crosses what’s left of my moind…Tip o’ the Tray to you, Honourable, Big, Smiling, Guy!

  2. jrsmith January 6, 2016 at 7:27 am

    Here we go again, (LIES , EXCUSES AND PROTECTION,) IF BAJANS WANT TO HOLD OUR COUNTRY TOGETHER WE NEED TO , POOL OUR RESOURCES, FIND THE TECHOLOGY AND DO THE BEST WE CAN , Our politicians, here in Barbados, ,knows who is the owner of the tank ,holding this contaminated molasses, the Management of Agriculture have no knowledge of the same, here we see 2 trucks involve with the dumping..

    My wife wants to know, would some one explains , if 10 to 12 year olds is running Barbados, but I think ,we stands a better chance if they were. lets find some one to blame, lets blame the Jamaicans, no , the trinis, no the Vincies , the St,Lucians ,they are much nearer. for the dumping, so now our politicians ,would sleep at nights , matter close.( Republic, Republic ,my ass.) take us back 50 years start again .


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