Xmas treat in Hilton pool . . .

Guests of Hilton Barbados got a belated Christmas treat today from staff members.

The event –– Chefs In The Pool –– was originally scheduled for Boxing Day, but, owing to the rain, was postponed until today.

The chefs were happy  to treat the guests.
The chefs were happy to treat the guests.

General manager of Hilton Barbados, George Stanfield, said it had become his tradition to do the treat for the guests.

“It’s been kind of my tradition in the past seven or eight years. Usually, the guests don’t understand it until we are in the pool. It just brings a little bit of excitement to the hotel. It’s been with me since the Hilton Cancun.

General manager George Stanfield giving out some goodies in the pool.
General manager George Stanfield giving out some goodies in the pool.

“That’s about eight years ago we implemented something like this, and I have taken it with me for our last three properties,” Stanfield explained.

Stanfield, along with many others in managerial positions, and chefs, took free fruit and treats to the guests who were frolicking in the pools.

Stanfield, who has been the general manager at Hilton Barbados going on three years, said it was always a joy to do it for the guests and see the joy on their faces.

Tuk band music helped to bring the event alive.
Tuk band music helped to bring the event alive.

“My team and I here have taken it in. The guests really like it too, and its always a great time. My team has made this a successful year for Hilton Barbados and exciting for this Christmas season,” he added.

He also urged all to come out to the hotel’s annual Old Year’s Night party Spellbound. “I still believe it’s the biggest and best in the country right now. We have some really unique trends in items going on that I cannot divulge at this point. You’re going to have to come and experience it this year.”

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  1. Realist December 30, 2015 at 7:22 am

    Exploitation and slavery once again. I wonder how much extra money they were paid to get wet; a very idiotic idea. Shame on the workers for humiliating themselves like that; where is the union and human rights.


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