‘Bajan Christmas’ for Ocean Two guests

Santa Claus and Mrs Claus arrived from the sea by jet-ski

Guests and staff of the Ocean Two Resort enjoyed a Christmas to remember on Friday at the beach-front luxury property at Dover.

While they were kept guessing from where Santa Claus would come, Father Christmas arrived from the ocean in the company of Mrs Claus, and was the star of  a mini-carnival.

Carrying his stocking, Santa Claus braved the South Coast waves and alighted from a jet-ski around 10.45a.m., wishing Merry Christmas to expectant children and adults – all visitors staying at the luxury resort.

By the time he arrived, the Resort’s special “Christmas Carnival” was in full swing and Santa Claus added to the merriment, dancing and swaying  while being welcomed by the music of a tuk-band accompanied by ‘Mother Sally’ and  stiltwalkers.

Santa Claus dances with Mother Sally to music from the tuk-band

“It was really sweet …this is my first visit to the island and I will always remember Christmas in Barbados with staff and visitors having a good time,” said Maggie Priebe, an American dental student.

Front-Office manager and coordinator of the event, Natalie King said it was another effort by the Ocean Two Resort team to provide guests with authentic Barbadian experiences and they loved it.

 “We wanted our guests to enjoy Christmas with a taste of Bajan culture and be interactive while having a good time. The response was great and they are posting lots of photos on Facebook,” she said.

 King further disclosed that the Resort was fully booked for the Christmas weekend and the sea-faring Santa Claus brought gifts for every room at the luxury property.


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