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Christmas Message from the Barbados Private Sector Association chairman Alex McDonald.

Barbados Private Sector Association Chairman Alex McDonald.
Barbados Private Sector Association Chairman Alex McDonald.

For some, the Christmas season is marked as a time of celebration of the birth of Christ, great food and the exchange of gifts with our families, friends and loved ones. For others, Christmas is a time of quiet reflection on the deeper aspects of what it means to share and care; and yet for others, Christmas Day will be a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of service to the many shoppers thronging the stores and businesses, and for some, a time to specially welcome the many visitors to our shores.

Even as we try to celebrate our Christmas in keeping with our traditions, let us spare a thought that for many Barbadians there are new realities arising out of constrained economic circumstances stemming from the loss of jobs or a rising cost of living rendering many unable to celebrate Christmas as they had done previously.  If, however, we take time to reflect that Christmas is at its core a time of sharing love, peace, joy and goodwill, we will be comforted to know, that whatever our circumstances, these enduring qualities can be shared in abundance regardless of  our circumstances.

Sadly, some of us experienced the loss of a love one and this time is especially poignant with the days now seeming to be dull and dreary. For others it has been a year of health challenges unlike any experienced before.   

Again the priceless gift of love, peace, joy and goodwill is the balm to assist in the healing process. Let’s consider how meaningful it is to receive these priceless gifts during tough emotional times.

So whether we feel we have money to spend or not, in reality we all possess the ability to share the true meaning of Christmas! Let’s take time to check our inventory of these precious gifts. This may mean we must adjust our focus to be more discerning and to identify those who are truly in need.

Our wish therefore, is for everyone to make this Christmas a time to share and experience kindness and love as never before.

On behalf of The Barbados Private Sector Association, I wish each one a caring, fulfilling and joyful time this Christmas, as we anticipate a New Year filled with national festivities.

Merry Christmas!

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