WICB: Not enough support from govts

CARICOM and cricket board still at odds

The vice-president of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Emmanuel Nanthan, says regional governments are not doing enough to support the development of cricket in the region.

Nanthan’s declaration comes as the Dave Cameron-led WICB and CARICOM appear to remain at loggerheads over a recommendation calling for the dissolution of the board by a review panel setup by CARICOM and the WICB.

Emmanuel Nanthan (left) with WICB president Dave Cameron.
Emmanuel Nanthan (left) with WICB president Dave Cameron.

The WICB appears to be preparing for a legal battle with CARICOM to resist the recommendations of the review panel by hiring Dominican lawyer Anthony Astaphan.

Nanthan is insisting that the problems with West Indies cricket have little to do with WICB’s governance, but a lack of resources from regional governments to fund training.

“It costs the WICB about US$1 million to train a cricketer from the Under-15 level to the elite level in international cricket,” said Nanthan, a sports administrator for the past 20 years.

“Eighty-seven per cent of all amounts spent by the Windwards and Leewards in age group tournaments is represented by accommodation costs, air and sea travel costs and the cost of meals for players who are away from their homes. No wonder on an annual basis the Windwards and Leewards are always at the bottom of the table in the early rounds of the regional competition.”

A recent meeting in Grenada between CARICOM prime ministers and a WICB delegation to discuss the panel’s governance report made little progress except for an agreement for future meetings.

WICB’s defiance appears to have been fired-up following a subsequent board meeting in St Lucia, which also discussed the governance report.

“Did the academics look into this? Are the nation states encouraging cricket in the communities?” asked Nanthan.

“I say all this so you can understand the costs of the opportunity, which you have been offered through the opportunity of the Professional Cricket League.”

The WICB vice-president added: “Early education in sports in schools is the responsibility of the state. The responsibility of training to achieve successful performance and results for national teams in regional and international sports is the responsibility of the governments.”

Nanthan says the WICB is prepared to make amendments, but stressed that only share-holder territories can legally dissolve the WICB.

“We are prepared to make some changes as we did following previous Governance Reports,” he told Kaieteur News in Guyana.

“However, on the basis of a corporate review and legal advice, only the shareholders of the WICB can dissolve the company –– the WICB. And similarly only shareholders can appoint new directors to the board, whether they are independent or shareholders directors.”

Source: (CMC)

4 Responses to WICB: Not enough support from govts

  1. Tony Webster December 24, 2015 at 8:49 am

    Uuuhhmmm, er…Bossman… how your president treated the P.M. Of Grenada recently, Dr. The Rt. Hon Keith Mitchell…who just happens to carry the CARICOM portfolio for Regional Sports…you sure got at least ONE P.M. in your corner. Unfortunately, he’s also got a gun. Loaded. Cocked. Safely off. And guess where it’s pointed?

    Howcum…you bunch of jokers…keep reminding me of FIFA?

  2. Alex Alleyne December 24, 2015 at 9:07 am

    May be they are avoiding WICB from having a FIFA style probe.

  3. byron December 24, 2015 at 11:08 am

    Nantham is try here to save his job and that of his cronies. The whole WICB situation reminds me of FIFA and the executives trying to hand on to power. FIFA top brass had to be pushed out, and we will need to do the same with the WICB. Happily, the ICC held back the money they initially wanted to give the WICB; The boss of Indian Cricket pull the plug. This will help to stiffle the WICB, and reduced the fat cat swag of the WICB. the region needs to learn the tactics that the USA used on FIFA and apply it to WICB. Rather than go and find real job, start up businesses, these WICB guys would sit there hanging n to and protecting their roles as they see what they doing as a career. It is clear the Board cares less about cricket and more about protecting their jobs. Shameless! Soon, you will fall.

    • Donild Trimp December 25, 2015 at 1:06 am

      The WICB President disrespected not one but two Prime Ministers. This is a game the WICB cannot win.

      The final outcome will reveal to all Caribbean people who the blow-hards and inept leaders are.

      Is it CARICOM leaders or WICB Directors and management personnel?

      We will soon know.


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