Another timber home destroyed by fire

An early morning fire at St Stephen’s, Black Rock, St Michael destroyed a three-bedroom timber home  occupied by 31-year-old Michelle Marshall and her two children.

The burnt home at St Stephen’s, Black Rock.
The burnt home at St Stephen’s, Black Rock.

Seven fire officers and two water tenders from Probyn Street responded to the blaze, which also caused damage to four windows and a door at Ralph Darlington’s home.


Darlington, who lives next door to Marshall, told Barbados TODAY he looked through his window around 4 a.m. to discover that the house burning.

“After I see the house was burning I holler for murder and help .

“I saw a fellow coming down . . . and I told him my wife cannot walk and I asked him for some help.”

Luckily for Darlington, the fire did not really spread but it cracked his windows.

When a team from Barbados TODAY visited the scene today, police were still investigating the origin of the fire. (AGB)

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