NUPW going after wage increase

Barbados’ largest public sector union, the National Union of Public Workers, has served notice that as soon as the New Year turns, it will be approaching Government for a salary increase.

NUPW President Akanni McDowall gave this indication today, saying it was time Barbadian workers received their just dues after receiving their last increase six years ago.

“There are a number of policy decisions that we are going to try to implement in the New Year, and one of them is a salary increase for public servants.

“The information is now before the Executive Council of the union, it has to go before the General Council for ratification, and once that is done we will start the process of engaging the Government in negotiations,” McDowall said, stressing “salary increases are definitely on the table for the NUPW”.

The union spokesman went on to say they had checked out the matter fully and were satisfied that the Government has the ability to pay the workers.

“We in the NUPW do not do things haphazardly. We would have done our research, that was my instruction to my executive member Asokore Beckles who is really in charge of the process and he would have put together some of the best minds in Barbados to determine whether or not Government can afford a salary increase. Beckles has said, ‘yes it can’. That is the direction we are going. We are going to ask Government for an increase.”

The NUPW’s Executive Council plans to seek the General Council’s ratification to submit the proposals when it meets before Christmas.

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