SSA to meet with private hauler about illegal dumping

The General Manager of Quality Business Services, Ernest King, is scheduled to meet tomorrow with the Acting General Manager of the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) Rosalind Knight to discuss the problem of unauthorised dumping at Bucks, St Thomas.

Acting General Manager Rosalind Knight gesturing at a pile of illegally dumped refuse.
Acting SSA General Manager Rosalind Knight will meet tomorrow with the private waste hauler whose company is responsible for this unsightly heap.

This after loads of refuse, picked up by King’s company on behalf of one named householder and at least three businesses, were illegally discarded there.

King, who is also scheduled to hold a press conference later this week, has already said he was not personally responsible for the illegal dumping, but has fingered one his employees.

Yesterday, the waste hauler said he was determined to get to the bottom of the situation.

And without identifying any of his employees by name, King said he knew exactly who was responsible for the unsightly mess, which was first reported on this week by Barbados TODAY.

“I have a good idea even though everybody is denying they are responsible for the act,” said King.

However, he made it clear that the unauthorised dumping of waste was “not a case of drivers stealing [tipping fee] tickets, but one of anger by one of my drivers”.

Meanwhile, reacting to the reports of illegal dumping, the chief spokesman for the Waste Haulers Group, Charles Read, acknowledged that there was always the possibility of a rogue driver doing something outside of the accepted operational standards.

Read, like King, disclosed that he had Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in some of his trucks, but warned that the GPS system was not “a magic wand”. At the end of the day, he said it came down to how an individual managed his business.

“I do not think that King, who is an ardent environmentalist, would condone illegal dumping. I think King has some kind of explanation why the incident occurred because he has been explaining some of it to me.

“It is a difficult situation for King and the SSA. No one wants to deal with these situations, but when they occur you have to deal head-on with them,” Read said.

Based on the ticketing system introduced by the SSA, he said a company could put checks and balances in place to eliminate irresponsible behaviour by drivers.

Read further stated that he had systems in place to minimize the actions of rogue drivers who can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of a company.

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