Holy cow!

fears of a pending milk shortage

Having experienced a “boom year” this year, dairy farmers fear they may not be able to keep up with rising demand in 2016.

Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS) James Paul said while the milk business has done the body good so far, Barbados faces the prospects of not having enough locally-produced milk to supply the Pine Hill Dairy (PHD) next year.

And Paul told Barbados TODAY his organization might be forced to import pregnant cows as a short-term solution.

“We have seen this year in terms of Pine Hill Dairy, that farmers have been able to get milk sold on the market . . . as a matter of fact, this has been a boom year for the dairy industry . . . and [we] face the prospects next year of not having enough milk to supply dairy,” the BAS boss said.

“What we are looking to do of course, we are looking to facilitate the importation of in-calf heifers to increase the milk supply in the short-term. So certainly this is something that we want to do,” he told Barbados TODAY, adding that at this late stage it did not make sense breeding the heifers here.

“What we are going to try to do is bring in heifers that are as near to birth as possible and try hopefully to increase the milk supply in that way.”

Paul revealed that last year, the country produced about 3.36 million kilogrammes of milk, with production expected to rise to close to four million kilogrammes this year and even higher next year.

“I think once we get the animals and farmers have already started to increase their breeding herds, we should be able to go well over four million and hopefully we can get close to 4.5 million and get the amount of milk produced above to where it was in previous years,” he stressed.

However, the BAS chief executive told Barbados TODAY he was concerned about the possible impact of the pending takeover of PHD’s parent company, Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) by international beverage firm AMBEV.

He said the uncertainty about AMBEV’s plans for PHD was a worrying factor, but he was hopeful that the investment which the new owners will make in Banks Holdings would filter down to locals.

“We hope the investment that the company say they want to make in Barbados is a true investment and that Barbadians as a whole would be able to benefit from it
. . . and one way that they can benefit truly is that we can continue to have access to the local milk market in the way that it has been provided largely,” the agricultural executive emphasized.

Added to that, Paul would like the new owners to continue supporting the local farmers by purchasing the milk they produce next year.

“We are in uncertain times when it comes to that particular area, but we have had no indication that the relationship between the farmers and the Pine Hill Dairy would see an [end] as a result of this,” he pointed out.


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  1. Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams December 17, 2015 at 1:53 am

    Which Cow? Wunna betta doan vexx dah man again fo he close down he 400 million dollar “cash cow” investment……..just so. Lololoololol

  2. Violeta Patricia Piggott
    Violeta Patricia Piggott December 17, 2015 at 4:04 am

    Yea rite lol

  3. jrsmith December 17, 2015 at 11:52 am

    Hail, Hail, to the chief executive of ( BAS), this is proof ,we still have the what so ever to , do our Barbados justice , with out any outside interference.

    MR,Executive ,you must call all the government ministers and , the priminister ,explain to him/them how to run a successful business, which is not tourism, that’s all the government knows. counting visitors.

    @, Ivana ,C, hail, hail, a lot of what ails us in Barbados, is our fault, we tend to believe ,we are so middle class , we are so educated , and every one else is benefiting , from Barbados other than bajans. Ivana I am with you, but we have lost it all, our culture , our heritage and next to come our way of life.

    We have exposed our selves in Barbados ,for the world to see, our Barbados, is not punching above its weight ,anymore, we can hardly throw a punch. I wonder how our government ministers , sleep at nights, when they have no idea how to manage Barbados LTD.

    In our Barbados, everything seems to be taking us to the end of the world. most of what people in the developed world takes for granted, most of what is basic ,rules ,laws regulation which is applied reasonably successful, is like a war game to us , why. Why.


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