The road ain’t mine

The road has been rough for taxi drivers in The City this year, with a lack of business driving them to seek other means to make a living.

Taxies in Bridgetown.
Taxies in Bridgetown.

A number of experienced drivers told Barbados TODAY that feeding their families has been a difficult journey this year, with many blaming the large tour operators.

They said that in and out of the tourist season, business has not been good, and a few indicated that they have had to depend on long-term customers to put money in their pockets.

“This year was a really rough year for me,” said one driver who requested anonymity.

He complained that the large tour companies were snatching up most of the work, especially during the tourist season or when cruise ships visit.

“I would like the people that in charge of the tourism industry to look at a way for the small man to make some money because I don’t understand how it is that the big tour buses getting all the work.

“It ain’t fair to we small people. This was a hard year for the small taxi men and we paying the same taxes and buying the same gas,” the passionate driver told Barbados TODAY.

“Things out here so dread I don’t even feel like talking about it. We want more business and for things to be better next year, that’s all we want. We just want a little piece,” another driver added.

Meanwhile, a longstanding taxi driver who gave his name as St Claire indicated the slow business days were often stressful for operators who sometimes have to wait for several hours before getting their first job.

“All year the taxi drivers getting the scrap work from the big companies and it is not fair. Taxi drivers would like to see a lot of things happen for us,” St Claire said. (AH)

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  1. Kevin December 16, 2015 at 6:20 pm

    Most of the big operators I’m sure have package deals with cruise ships, and other foreign travel agencies and operators. Thrift tourist were here every since. Tourist love to walk, they watch their dollar (just as we do when we travel), and they catch bus. I really dont know what else the taxi operators can do.


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