Jones sees a danger sign

Minister of Education Ronald Jones yesterday warned that Barbados was courting danger when it came to disaster preparedness.

In his contribution to the debate on the borrowing of over $2 million from the Consolidated Fund in aid of storm ravaged Dominica, Jones expressed concern that Barbadians were not taking hazards seriously.

Ronald Jones
Ronald Jones

“We are still very careless in depositing everything onto the streets of Barbados. Every sno-cone cup, every KFC and Cheffette box, every box you can find from fast food stores, every plastic bag and bottle, every corn husk and cob, every piece of grass or wood that you take down from your house or your backyard is thrown into the streets of this country,” Jones lamented.

“Barbados is a danger looking to happen.”

He also expressed concern about the manner in which workers cleared debris along the streets of the country.

“I say this to the Minister of Transport and Works, I cannot understand why when these goodly men and women go out on to the highways and roads and tracks and weed or cut the grass that they remain there almost forever, blocking the pathways of water along the edge of the road  . . . why is this possible?

“Our people do not take hazards seriously.”

Equally concerned about the island’s disaster management was Opposition MP for the City of Bridgetown Jeffrey Bostic.

“ I have no problems at all when it comes to Barbados lending support, that is something that we need to do and I hope that we will continue to do so, but at the same time I think we need to look inwardly as well in order to make that support to be as effective and as efficient as possible.

“We have to do some work in strengthening our internal organs — the Barbados national disaster management plan,” he said.  (GA)

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