Man pleads guilty to Customs evasion


A Christ Church man has pleaded guilty to one count of fraudulently evading Customs while exporting goods from Barbados to St Vincent.

Anthony Harewood, of Rendezvous, Christ Church appeared before Justice Margaret Reifer yesterday.

The matter involved BDS $225,150 and US $12 995 in cash.

The money was found in a hidden section of a box which also contained dry goods and other items shipped by Harewood.

In the facts which Principal Crown Counsel Anthony Blackman outlined, the 62-year-old convicted man asked a friend of his to help him send a box to St Vincent.

The woman, who is familiar with the process, collected the box and took it to the Port. She prepared the necessary documents and on January 29, 2009 presented it to a shipping agency where it was checked and dry goods, baby items and baby bottles seen inside.

The box was placed on a ship to St Vincent and when it arrived, the parcel was again examined by Customs officials there. Underneath all the items, they found the money wrapped in brown paper.

Customs contacted the Vincentian police and a joint investigation began between them and local police, which eventually led to Harewood.

The person who should have received the box was never traced by name or address.

Meanwhile, Harewood admitted to police that he never applied to the Central Bank of Barbados to ship any cash.

His attorney Dr Lenda Blackman asked the court for a pre sentencing report and that he be allowed to continue on bail. The request was granted and Harewood is to return to court in six weeks’ time. He is also to continue reporting to a police station three times per week.

4 Responses to Man pleads guilty to Customs evasion

  1. 3rdsun December 12, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    It took very long to investigate tho… since 2009. I bet some money missing too.

  2. dave December 12, 2015 at 8:02 pm

    DruG MONEY

  3. jrsmith December 13, 2015 at 1:31 pm

    Strange ,very strange, some one , slipped up or wasn’t paid off, this matter is deep.


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