Holiday cheer for cancer patients

Patients of Ward C12 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital were smiling at least for a little while today when members of the Cancer Support Services (CSS) brought them some Christmas cheer.

They enjoyed the melodies of traditional Christmas carols sung by members of the service who also sponsored a buffet lunch and handed out gifts.

Pastor Paul Leacock, a seasoned counsellor with CSS, told the media that the organization, on the brink of celebrating its 20th anniversary, hosted the Christmas programme every year, in an effort to take good tidings to patients on the ward who may not get to go home for the holidays.

“As their families and friends come in less than the best of circumstances, it is reminiscent of when Christ came to the earth which was not in the best of circumstances, but He came nonetheless to bring salvation and life to us.

“So it is our pleasure to come to Ward C12 that we have and visit constantly so that we can be able to cheer the hearts of those who are here on the Ward,” he said.

Nursing Officer Lisa Dodson, who is in charge of the Ward, thanked the CSS for the annual visits and donations.

CSS was formed in 1996 to primarily assist patients with cancer and their immediate families. (AH)

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