Barber nabbed with 17 grammes of cannabis

COURT TODAY BLOCKSeth Aykeem Jordan has two weeks to come up with $1 500 or he will have to face two months in jail.

Jordan pleaded guilty to four drug charges yesterday before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant. Those were that he was in possession of cannabis, had a trafficable quantity of it, intended to supply it and had apparatus fit for use in connection with the same.

The barber resides at Block 3F Pleasant Hall, St Matthias, Christ Church.

Police found 17 grammes on Jordan after they saw him acting suspiciously at Hopes Alley, St Michael on December 5.

His attorney Angella Mitchell-Gittens told the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court yesterday that Jordan’s early guilty plea not only “saved judicial time but gave some insight into the offender”.

She added that the amount of the drugs “suggests that it was for personal use” and not that Jordan “was engaging in the commercial aspect of this enterprise”. The father of two was gainfully employed as a barber, she said, before urging the court to “be as lenient as possible”.

Jordan was reprimanded and discharged on the counts of trafficking and intent to supply. However, he has until December 21 to pay $750 each on count of having the drug and the apparatus.

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