Parris: Expect many challenges

Dozens graduated from Erdiston Teachers’ Training College over the weekend with Principal Barbara Parris advising the graduates they will face as many challenges within their teaching environment, as they do outside.

Erdiston Teachers’ Training College Principal  Barbara Parris addressing the graduation.
Erdiston Teachers’ Training College Principal Barbara Parris addressing the graduation.

“When the celebrations are over you will face the reality of the workplace. Your challenges are not only inside the school, but they also exist outside,” Parris told the 2015 graduating class at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre Saturday evening.

“There is a cacophony which seems to suggest that the school is responsible for just about everything that is wrong in a student’s life,” she said, explaining that in the area of student academic performance, “there are in-school and out-of-school factors which impact students’ functioning.

“I urge you to address the factors over which you have direct control.”

The Principal told the graduates that factors such as regularity and punctuality for classes, preparedness, assessment practices, and the quality of interaction with students and parents were within their control.

But she added, “Whenever possible offer assistance in other areas being cognizant that there must be some soul in education”.

Amid the jubilation and shouts of excitement of graduation as certificates were handed out, there was a solemn moment as the announcer paused to allow graduates to recognise one of their own who was not present owing to tragic circumstances.

Dwight Holder, would have been there to be congratulated for his pass with distinction in Practice of Education studies had his life not been taken away in a hail of bullets in early August in Bedford Lane, Bush Hall, St Michael.

Six men are currently before the court answering charges for that murder.

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  1. Ralph Talma December 8, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Yes, Principal Parris I concur. But, of extreme importance is the fact that your teachers must not only know their subject thoroughly, but also, how to impart it in such a manner that their pupils can assimilate it. They must also be prepared to walk the extra mile for their students, and some of them will find this very difficult. Nevertheless, I wish them all good luck and smooth seas. Their future could be very stormy.


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