‘Bee’ gone!

BLP not budging on seven day ultimatum

With a one week ultimatum issued by Christ Church West MP Dr Maria Agard due to expire on Wednesday, the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is sticking to its decision to expel her from the party.

Last Wednesday, Dr Agard’s attorney Hal Gollop, QC, told a news conference he had hand-delivered a letter to BLP headquarters on Roebuck Street, St Michael, demanding that the decision made by the Mia Mottley-led National Council be reversed within seven days, or else the matter would be taken to court.

However, the party does not appear to be budging, with BLP General Secretary Dr Jerome Walcott telling Barbados TODAY this afternoon, he had not gotten around to replying to the letter, even though he admitted to reading it.

“I saw the letter and I read it,” Dr Walcott said, stressing that nothing had changed regarding the decision.

“The status quo continues. Everything remains. The last thing we said was that the National Council had met and had expelled Dr Maria Agard. I hear Dr Agard says she is going to court . . . [and] I heard Mr Hal Gollop say he did the routine . . . I think you were there, he [said he] sent a letter,” he added.

The BLP General Secretary also questioned the move by Gollop to give the party a written ultimatum when his client had already indicated that she intended to take the matter to court.

“You didn’t find it strange that Dr Agard say she was going to court and then later on the attorney said he wrote me a letter? You didn’t find that strange? You thought that was proper? You thought that was correct?”  Dr Walcott asked, insisting that the embattled Christ Church West MP had already announced what she was planning to do.

“I can’t change that.”

Pressed to say if he planned to respond to the letter from Dr Agard’s attorney, the BLP spokesman gave a terse and non-committal response.

“I have read the letter, full stop.”

Dr Walcott also denied reports that a move was afoot to get the party’s elders to intervene to prevent the matter from ending up in the high court and to broker an amicable resolution.

However, he acknowledged that former Attorney General and MP for Christ Church West Sir Henry Forde had been proposed to lead a reconciliation effort back in February, which he said was rejected by Dr Agard.

“As far as I know, nothing has changed,” Dr Walcott said in further reference to her expulsion.

The November 22 decision of the BLP’s National Council to dismiss the Christ Church West MP was said to be based on nine “fundamental” charges.

“At the very heart of it, they go to the respect for the authority of organs of the party, that are critical to its functioning as a mass-based political organization – in other words, the failure of Dr Agard to recognize the legitimacy of a democratically elected branch of this party – her own branch,” explained Mottley in a statement following the decision.

“They speak to the failure of Dr Agard to be guided by the party’s Council –  not to further speak to the media on this matter, so as to allow for reconciliation between herself and her branch.

They also speak to her inappropriate conduct, whether in misconstruing the facts in the media or offensive profanities posted on social media,” the party leader added.

However, describing the charges as frivolous, Dr Agard, whose dismissal has led to splits in the party, said last week as far as she was concerned, she was fired because she dared to be different and challenged the conduct of Mottley, whose leadership she described as “tyrannical” and “autocratic”, and who she accused of using “bullying tactics”.

Dr Agard wants the court to rule on whether the decision by the National Council to expel her was fair or lawful.

When contacted today, Gollop confirmed he had not received a response from the BLP to the letter delivered five days ago.

The outspoken attorney is already on record expressing confidence that any legal action brought by his client would be successful.


5 Responses to ‘Bee’ gone!

  1. BaJan boy December 8, 2015 at 6:52 am

    It is quite sad that she behaved in such a disrespectful and defiant manner without consideration for the consequences and is now at the door knocking to come in. She had all types of opportunities to reconcile with her branch, she sat with Owen Arthur and refused to sit with her parliamentary colleagues to discuss the budget reply,she refused to meet with the leader, refused to meet with Sir. Henry she did what ever she wanted to do why can’t the party do the same in its own interest.
    The press needs to stop trying to implicate Mia as she is not the National council and it is the council that made a decision.

  2. Kent Bridges December 8, 2015 at 7:43 am

    In jostling for positions, I hope that politicians remember, time is longer than twine. nuff said.

  3. Adrian Hinds December 8, 2015 at 10:38 am

    Jerome Walcott’s picture and the words attributed to him in this article are dripping wet with a dismissive, aloof, condescension, and understandably so, however this is a perfect catch 22 for the BLP. Mia couldn’t go back on her and the council’s decision the results where she to do so, would signal weakness. Maria definitely will not back down and the resulting court case will still weaken the BLP’s chances at the polls in the next election; so that a strong Mia in this event is likely not be the PM she wants so badly.

    I must say this though; there isn’t a Bajan that not heard rumors about Mia Mottley that most Bajans think are not fitted to a person who wants to lead them; What makes the BLP think that they can win an election with her at the helm without assessing and countering said decades old rumors?

    • st.clair worrell December 8, 2015 at 11:11 pm

      It’s a good thing you chose to wear a mask… Hence you can make any mind of silly remarks behind the mask… Mia has been and still is an astute Politician from the time she came tpolitics of Barbados… She has serve as a Minister for many years and served well… We know her credentials…. After all these years what can you bring against her to tarnish the love and respect Barbadians have for Miss Mottley?? Nothing!!!

  4. dave December 8, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    Maria Agard -Hello -Maria ? ITS OVER !

    Bajan boy ! if what you say is true

    Who Maria Agard think she is ?
    Chelsea Clinton ? Mariah Carey ? Jim Carey ? Bart Simpson? Amaze at Oistins? Cave Shepherd ? Laurie Dash ? Jennifer Lopez / Beyonce ? Rihanna ? KANYE West ? Kim Kardashian ? Barack Hussein Obama ? Donald Trump? Maureen Holder ? Pearson Bowen ? Ras Iley ? Mighty Gabby ? Fresh Vitamins? Sheraton Mall? Dome Mall? Idi Amin ?—–who ???


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