Special surfers

This young man was not as brave as the others and opted not to go out surfing.

Fifteen disabled children were treated today to a fun day at sea compliments Courtesy Garage and the Variety Club.

They took to Pebbles Beach this morning for much fun and frolic, with the aid of 12 instructors from various surf schools who volunteered their time to ensure that the children had an eventful day.


With the help of their parents, the children played in the sand and frolicked at the edge of the water. The brave among them tackled the surf with the experienced surfers, including professional national surfer Chelsea Tuach.

Rasonte Parsons has dreams of one day becoming a professional surfer.

Today was extra special for Rasonte Parsons who has dreams of one day becoming a professional surfer. Rasonte, who doesn’t have any arms or legs, said she was inspired by international surfer Bethany Hamilton who has one arm, but has still managed to be a world-renowned surfer.

“When I grow up I want to become a surfer. I saw a movie and the woman and she only had one hand and two feet. So I say I want to try surfing too and I just got up and tried it. I love the water and I’m having a blast today,” the 14-year-old said before going off into the water.

Rasonte was also very excited to meet Chelsea.

Rasonte Parsons and her idol Chelsea Tuach.
Rasonte Parsons and her idol Chelsea Tuach.

Nicholas Mackie of Courtesy Garage said the company has been doing this programme for the disabled children for about three years and it was an honour to be doing it once again.

“We have a collaborative event with Courtesy and the Variety Club as well as many surfers who have donated their time. Today is just about having fun with the challenged kids. We are taking them out to the sea to surf and so on,” Mackie said.

Bruce Mackie, owner of Paradise Surf School, said it was an honour to assist the children and it warmed his heart to see their many smiles.

Some of the disabled children who received a treat today at Pebbles beach.

“We came out today just to assist the kids with disabilities and to share our love for surfing with them and provide a fun activity for them for the Christmas holiday. The waves turned out perfectly so we are out here having a good time. It was a great experience. Great to see the smiles on the kids faces,” he added.

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