Investigations continue into Cave Hill students’ security concerns

Police say they are continuing investigations into reports of two incidents involving female students of the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies, as they seek to clarify media reports surrounding both cases.

A statement from police spokesman, Acting Assistant Superintendent David Welch, referred to an article published in Friday’s Weekend Nation newspaper, which addressed the incidents – one of a female student who was reported missing, and the other, alleged attack on a Dominican student.

“With respect to the missing female student, contrary to the article, based on our investigations, the information published is untrue.   We refute the information printed.

“The student was never found disoriented on Batts Rock Beach. The CCTV security footage of the UWI Campus was scrutinised and nothing was found to support that she was taken against her will from the institution.  Our investigations show that the student left the campus alone, driving her motorcar,” a statement from police spokesman, Assistant Superintendent David Welch said.

Police say they are continuing to investigate an incident involving a Dominican student which allegedly occurred off the campus in Cave Hill.

“We want to assure students and the public that there is nothing to fear as a result of these two reports.  We will endeavour to update the public as to the progress of these investigations,” Welch said.

Source: PR

One Response to Investigations continue into Cave Hill students’ security concerns

  1. Alex Alleyne November 28, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    For quite sometime the females have been complaining about “uneasiness” at Cave Hill.
    I guess that the “powers that be” will pay greater attention to the young ladies concern when some of them bring about a LAW SUIT against the Campus to the tune of a few million US$.


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