BIMAP taking the lead

The creative industries are ripe for further development and there is a growing demand for training for jobs in those sectors.

Word of this from management counsellor at the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) Velma Wiltshire, who said that institution was capitalizing on the opportunities.

She said the institution was actively involved in the expansion of the creative sector, working with a number of institutions and individuals through the Competency Based Training Fund (CBTF).

Witshire said BIMAP was seeing a growing demand for training in the areas of film and video and animation.

“The interest in the creative industry is high,” she said.

Wiltshire made the comments during the launch of the Billion Dollar Dreams competition, which will see five entrepreneurs giving a business pitch before a panel of judges with the hope of walking away with the first prize of $10, 000 compliments of the Central Bank, and a scholarship valued at $6,100 compliments BIMAP.

“The creative industries are being developed in Barbados as far as we understand it,” said Wiltshire.

“There are so many jobs within those industries for entrepreneurs and so we saw that as a niche in Barbados and we have taken the bull by its horns. We have some of the best labs and we are working with a few people with animation and film and video,” she added. (MM)


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