BREA welcomes new energy accord

President of the Barbados Renewable Energy Association (BREA) Aidan Rogers sees today’s signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between his association and Government as a recognition by the State that all stakeholders in the industry should be brought together.

Speaking at the signing ceremony at Government Headquarters, Rogers noted his five year-old organization has always sought to foster relationships with stakeholders in the renewable energy sector. “We have signed some MOUs with international agencies and also with other local stakeholders,” he said.

Rogers added: “We are currently in active discussions with the Barbados Light & Power Company, all with a view towards fostering the structured and coherent evolution of the renewable energy sector. It is an exciting sector which has been recognized as one of the significant catalysts for future growth in the local economy.

“What this signing represents is really a culmination of years of collaboration between our association and the Government in terms of laying out the necessary but all important groundwork to have this sector really redound to the benefit of not only the economy, but the citizens in Barbados.”

Noting that the importation of high-priced fossil fuel over the years had placed a strain on the island’s foreign reserves, Rogers contended that with the emphasis now being placed on renewable energy, Barbados would be able to control its destiny as it pursued a path towards greater energy security.

Expressing the hope that the average Barbadian would benefit financially from the sector, Rogers said: “With respect to opportunities available, BREA will be approaching Government through the MOU, looking at what possibilities there are to create investment vehicles for the average local Barbadian to participate in some of the significant financial returns that would accrue to this sector.”

One Response to BREA welcomes new energy accord

  1. jrsmith November 12, 2015 at 10:43 am

    Barbados , the only energy player is Barbados light and power, we in Barbados doesn’t need to extend ourselves beyond that, the people of Barbados doesn’t need to be fodder , for the so call renewable frontiers, of large Corporates. Barbados was always a world leader , in solar panel energy, for decades we were there ,we just need to technically and economically expand on that experience.

    What an island like Barbados, (Government ) must consider, only corporates ,would be coming bearing gifts, we are seeing this already ref..(Cahill ) they are not coming as uncles or grandfathers, they are coming to make money, if projects are constructed and after operations starts , the same is not being profitable, they are going to find anyway possible to get away leaving Barbados wit white elephant that the island cannot financially afford maintain.

    We must not let the whims and talk, talk , take us down the wrong path, we can handle our own power needs, while being educated by following , technical and economic information, from the world at large. I do hope all the pundits is watching and taking note from the UK government, on renewable energy, they could show the strength, of technical and economics failings happening so far.


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