Stolen laptop lands two men in trouble

COURT TODAY BLOCKTwo men have appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court in connection with the theft of a laptop computer.

On Friday, Shawn Atherston Callender, who lives at 1st Avenue Rockley, Christ Church, pleaded guilty before Magistrate Douglas Frederick to stealing the laptop, valued at $3, 000, as well as $800 in cash, from Saumya Yadav’s home.

Callender, a 43-year-old porter, was sentenced to nine months in jail.

The complainant, who is in Barbados on a work contract, went to bed on October 19 leaving his computer and some cash on a night table in his bedroom. His windows were open at the time.

He later awoke to find his bedroom and kitchen doors open, although they were closed when he went to bed.

The matter was reported police whose investigations led them to Callender, who admitted taking the items and later selling the computer.

Meanwhile, Ramonde Jabaree Cadogan also pleaded guilty to handling the laptop.

However, a presentencing report was ordered on the Brathwaite Gap, Dayrell’s Road, Christ Church resident.

Based on information received, police went to Cadogan’s home to execute a search warrant. While searching, lawmen found the item in his bedroom.

Police informed Cadogan that the laptop had been stolen and in receiving it, he had committed the offence of handling. He gave police a voluntary statement about the incident.

Cadogan returns to court on January 29 when his report should be presented to the court.

The laptop was recovered and a restitution order granted; therefore Yadav should have his computer when he leaves the island on November 14.

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  1. jrsmith November 10, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    So , overseas visitors ,is going to warned , when you going to Barbados ,watch out they are thieves over there.


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