Costly lie

COURT TODAY BLOCKLast week Magistrate Christopher Birch promised a teenager three months in prison if he found out the youngster was lying to the court.

Birch made good on that promise after the court learned that Kemar Shaquiel Garnes had in fact lied and had breached his community service order.

The stern warning was given to Garnes at the District ‘C’ Magistrates’ Court just before he was remanded.

Originally, the Four Roads, St Philip youth was placed on a 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. curfew and given 240 hours of community service after pleading guilty to a loitering charge in June this year, and was to complete his assignment at a public market by October 2.

On Thursday, his probation officer brought him back to court after receiving reports that Garnes had stolen money from an employee and had also altered his community service documentation.

Garnes, 17, denied the report and told the court that the supervisor had given him permission to record his time once he (the supervisor) was not there. That was when the magistrate warned the accused teenager that if caught lying, he would be jailed.

Garnes returned to court today following further investigations into the matter. The court heard from his supervisor, a Mr Kirton, that he never gave Garnes any permission to alter his files.

In fact, Kirton said he was on holiday when another supervisor heard rummaging in the office. She went in and caught Garnes tampering with the records. When she questioned him about being there, he also told her Kirton gave him permission to fill in his time.

However, when Kirton returned from holiday and was asked about it, he said he never did so.

The community service order was therefore withdrawn and a 90-day sentence substituted.

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