CONNECTICUT – Son kills parents who would cut him off will

BRIDGEPORT — The son of a Connecticut couple who planned to cut him out of their will was in court on two murder counts today, days after their remains were found.

Jeanette and Jeffrey Navin of Easton disappeared in August. Their bodies were found today outside a vacant house in neighbouring Weston. Both had been shot to death.

Kyle Navin is arraigned in Bridgeport Superior Court, in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Kyle Navin is arraigned in Bridgeport Superior Court, in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Their 27-year-old son Kyle Navin already was in federal custody on a weapons charge, stemming from a search of his Bridgeport home during the investigation into his parents’ disappearance.

Navin appeared in a Bridgeport courtroom today after state police formally charged him with murder. He was ordered held in lieu of a $2.5 million bond and is due back in court for arraignment on November 24.

His lawyer Eugene Riccio said the hearing was “just the start of a long judicial process”, and declined further comment.

Investigators wrote in court papers that Navin’s mother had told a friend she and her husband planned to sell their trash-hauling business and cut their son out of their will.

Jeanette Navin was upset about her son’s behaviour and drug use, and his failure to pay the mortgage and taxes on the home they bought him, according to the documents.

During the September search of Kyle Navin’s home, Jeffrey Navin’s blood was found near where police discovered an 11-foot-by-seven piece of carpet missing from the basement floor, according to the affidavits.

A tiny amount of Jeanette Navin’s blood was found in her son’s truck near a bullet hole in the passenger side seat belt, according to the affidavits. Her blood also was found on a partial thumbprint recovered from a garage door opener at his parents’ home. Police say Kyle Navin could not be ruled out as a source of the print, but tests failed to show to whom the print belonged.

Navin’s girlfriend 31-year old Jennifer Valiante of Westport was in court yesterday. She is charged with conspiring to kill Navin’s parents and hindering prosecution.

The month before his parents disappeared, Kyle Navin texted Valiante saying he had the “perfect plan” to get “$ for life”, according to the warrant. Navin wrote that the plan would “solve every single problem and give us a wealthy amazing life”.

Navin and Valiante talked about what they would do with the money, police said. Valiante texted: “That’ll allow us to stay in our house and pay for a full top-line remodel and a new garage,” according to the warrants.

Valiante’s attorney Elliot Warren said the texts have been “taken out of context”, and Valiante would deny talking with or texting to Kyle Navin about killing his parents and taking their money.

Source: (AP)

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