Plans to revive community spirit

Dawn Headley (right) being tested by Pauline Burke of the Ministry of Health

The St. Michael South East constituency council is hoping to revive a once vibrant community.

Deputy chairman Aldeen Scott told Barbados Today, “it was a very vibrant community once before and we will like to get back there again.”

Speaking at the Council’s health fair at the Parkinson hard court yesterday, Scott explained that the newly elected council which was formed in June this year, was aiming to create community togetherness.

Deputy chairman of the St. Michael South East constituency council Aldeen Scott

While they encouraged residents to get tested for non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, HIV, and high blood pressure at the health fair, Scott admitted that one of the council’s primary focuses would be on recycling and the environment.

“One of the chief things that we see around here…is a problem [with] the garbage in the area and we would like to see that we have the garbage under control at some point in time,” Scott pointed out.

“We will be looking to see if we could get the youth more involved in the environment so that moving forward it wouldn’t be as bad as it is right now.”

Bernadette Codrington of the Ministry of Health (left) counselling resident Sheena Pickering

Despite the limitations on garbage collection, the council will be making a move to solve the problem.

Scott expressed the hopes of the council to implement a recycling program, but said it would require the involvement of all community members.

She highlighted the importance of the constituency council in being the voice of the community, as they “try to protect the best interests of the constituents.”(KK)







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  1. Zakiya November 1, 2015 at 11:24 am

    Health fair is a good idea, however, it was held on the basketball court and just 5 yards away was a long stretch of grass over 6 feet high,, the irony , as you speak about the environment,,


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