Hope gone

. . . but Smith family determined to get justice for murdered mom

“Our mother did not deserve this.”

The family of 75-year-old Marcelle Smith has now given up all hope of finding their loved one alive, following the discovery of decomposing remains, believed to be Smith’s, over the weekend.

Marcelle Smith
Marcelle Smith

Police have so far detained one suspect but are yet to bring any charges against the alleged perpetrator of the robbery and killing of the victim, whose body was eventually disposed along a lonesome track, in a grassy ravine at Halton Plantation, on the border of St Philip – the same parish in which Smith lived.

However, in a statement today, Smith’s daughter Tanya and her two sons  – Alan and Roger – acknowledged that her family’s worst nightmare had now been realised. She described the treatment meted out to their mother as a “cruel” and “horrible act”, saying “we miss her terribly”.

Tanya Smith says the treatment her mother received was ‘cruel’ and ‘horrible’.
Tanya Smith says the treatment her mother received was ‘cruel’ and ‘horrible’.

“We are in shock at what we are now faced with and are grieving for our mother. She has been cruelly taken from us and we miss her terribly.

“Our mother did not deserve this – no one deserves this,” they said.

“We continue to work with the police in their investigation of this horrible, horrible, act.”

Smith, who is also the wife of retired Lodge School principal Aurelius Smith and sister-in-law of retired jurist Sir Frederick “Sleepy” Smith, has been described by her relatives as a vibrant woman, who loved to play Bridge and had a lot of friends, not just in Barbados, but also around the world.

She also enjoyed cooking and gardening and was “very proud of her hanging baskets”, but above all else, she loved her family.

Her disappearance on October 13 therefore threw the entire Smith clan into a tizzy, with her daughter Tanya, who made two public appeals for help, insisting throughout the entire two-week ordeal that her elderly mother had not simply wandered off from home, but was the victim of a crime.

“We have evidence of the crime that unfolded and an accurate timeline of event. The electronic footprint for our mother . . . has enabled us to do this. We know multiple people are involved,” the missing woman’s daughter said last Friday.

Today, she repeated that contention in a statement in which she and her brothers said: “In the pursuit of justice for our mother we know that there is still information out there that can help reveal all involved in this crime.

“We are still convinced that there are multiple people involved and we will not give up until all are held accountable.

“We maintain our offer of $10,000 for (significant) information that will further
and complete this investigation,” their statement said.

They also thanked Barbadians for their support during the during the entire “shocking” episode.

“To those who provided information however small, those who gave of their time and services and those who offered kind words and prayers, we are extremely
eternally grateful.”

2 Responses to Hope gone

  1. Veronica A. Piggott
    Veronica A. Piggott October 29, 2015 at 1:03 am

    No one on earth deserves to be killed but there are animals who thinks otherwise. When men pick on women that shows their characters

  2. Rashid Muhammad
    Rashid Muhammad October 29, 2015 at 3:10 am

    Hang the culprit and stop lamenting if you really want justice grieve yes,cry do all those things but until we start hanging this foolishness would not stop


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