Up in smoke

Police destroy over $22 million in drugs

COURT TODAY BLOCKIllegal drugs with a street value of more than 22 million dollars went up in smoke today at the incinerator at the Grantley Adams International Airport under the watchful eye of senior police officers, a court representative and Government analysts.

During the exercise, the second for the year, police destroyed 4,200.1 pounds of cannabis, 109.8 kilogrammes of cocaine and 30,827 cannabis plants — the majority of which were collected from matters that were disposed of by the court.

“Under the laws of Barbados there is a position that once these things [drugs] have been adjudicated, sampled and certified we can go ahead and destroy them once they go before the court. There are drugs here that were found as recent as this week,” Acting Assistant Superintendent of Police David Welch explained.

The police public relations officer said the compressed cannabis and the cocaine were valued at $22,290,000. He could not provide a value for the cannabis plants.

Of the drugs involved in court matters, there were 1650.4 pounds of cannabis, 104.1 kilogrammes of cocaine and 343 cannabis plants while no arrests were made in relation to the seizure of 2549.7 pounds of cannabis, 5.7 kilogrammes of cocaine and 30, 484 cannabis plants.

Welch said most of the illegal drugs were seized on land.

“Of significance you had large seizures such as that at Consett Bay where we had just over 3,242 plants, we had Walkers, St George 1,018 plants. We had Vaughn’s Land, St Joseph 3,135 and the most recent one at the end of September at Supers, St Philip where we harvested 18,188 plants,” he reported.

The majority of the cocaine seizures were interdicted at sea by the Barbados Coast Guard.

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  1. BOBO THE SAME CLOWN October 23, 2015 at 7:46 am

    Nah wonder all dem bwoys from de block gathered down wind wid da nose in de air. I didda wonder wha dum did sniffing,in puffing wid da mouts wide opensa.I taught it was rag weed pollen,or da was short a breath due to some pollutant ,but reading how much goodness de police bun up wind i now understand.Da was enough spiffs to kill all de bee hives pun de Island.


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