Doris King celebrates 100

Barbados’ newest centenarian, Doris King, was full of laughter as she celebrated the milestone in the presence of friends and family at the Geriatric Hospital this morning.

Clad in a pink lace dress and silver and pink tiara, King sat like royalty next to Governor General Sir Elliot Belgrave during her birthday celebrations.

Doris King celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends at the Geriatric Hospital.

Feisty, alert and outspoken, she jokingly told Sir Elliot that he “still [had] a little road to walk” before celebrating such a momentous occasion.

Family friend Judy Cumberbatch described King as having “a fantastic memory”, and noted that she could recite Bible verses accurately and could also “tell you anecdotes from times ago”.

She added that the Carrington Village, St Michael resident is a very upbeat individual who was loved by nurses at the Hospital.

Nephew Alfred King said his aunt held the firm belief that regardless of how old one got, they would still be a child in her eyes.

“No matter how adult I became, she always saw me as a little boy and she would say as much; even if you are 100 years old , you are a little boy,” Alfred said.

Despite difficultly seeing in dimly lit areas, the former seamstress is generally in good health, with some ailments caused by old age.

When asked the secret to her long life, King said: “I tried to live life as I should.”

She mentioned that while she could advise young people on life, “when they [are] ready, they do want they wanna do”. However, “young people should live as they should and [in return] everything will come to them,” King declared. (KK)

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