Swimming for Jaloni –– thanks to Colony

Seven-year-old Jaloni Browne, a student of the Learning Centre, is now one stroke closer to learning to swim, thanks
to the Colony Club Hotel’s Sustainable Living Group.

Over the next year, Jaloni will attend the Learn To Swim Programme at Underwater Barbados, where he will be taught the basics of swimming, kayaking and snorkelling, as well as be exposed to other activities, including beach walks, fishing and turtle watching.

Learning Centre headteacher Dawn Rudder explained that 15 other students were enrolled in the programme and
she had seen the benefits.

“Our students who attend this programme all have one thing in common –– they are more confident; and this is very noticeable –– especially in the classroom, which is extremely important.

“So when Colony Club approached us about our specific needs at this time, I immediately thought of Jaloni and how helpful the swimming lessons would be for him. This will be his first time learning to swim and taking part in all the
other activities.

“I want to thank Colony for their assistance as activities such as these may be the norm for the average person, but are a great experience for children with special needs.”

Colony operations manager and Sustainable Living Group leader Lisa Batson  explained that the group was started in 2013 as part of the property’s mission to be more environmentally friendly.

“One of our first projects was the planting of a fruit tree at the Learning Centre on Arbor Day. This led to our adopting the school as part of our community outreach programme as we are committed to helping young Barbadians with learning disabilities.

“Since then we have worked with the principal, teachers and students at the Centre assisting with fund-raising and special projects, providing volunteer services, and donating items,”
Batson added.

She said the funds for Jaloni’s swimming lessons were raised by the group at a number of the resort’s Farmer’s Markets.

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  1. jm October 14, 2015 at 11:39 am

    Everyone who lives on a Island should learn how to swim and have their own personal flotation device and own a small boat(5-6 man) row boat.


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