Six on murder charge

St michael men remanded to dodds

COURT TODAY BLOCKSix St Michael men appeared in a rural court today charged with murdering chicken farm employee Jamal Worrell, who was shot on October 2 at The Bleak, near Indian Ground, St Peter.

The accused are Dario Theo Mitchell, 21, Chad Akeem Chadderton, a 21-year-old student and Reo Seth Graham, 34, all of Tudor Bridge, Fairfield, Black Rock, St Michael.

The other three men are Rory Japeth Graham, Reo’s twin, of no fixed place of abode, Alex Akeem Jacobs, 20, of 1st Avenue Grazettes and James Matthew Miller, 39, a steel-bender of Fairfield, Black Rock.

The men went before Magistrate Ian Weekes at the Belleplaine Magistrates’ Court, which sits at the District ‘D’ Magistrates’ Court in St Thomas.

They were not required to plead to any of the four charges for which they are jointly accused. Besides the charge of murdering Worrell, they are also accused of using an unlicensed firearm and recklessly engaging in conduct which placed the lives of Worrell’s father, Errol McKie, and his brother, Michael Worrell, in danger of death or serious bodily harm.

Mitchell and Reo Graham face further charges of possession of cannabis, intent to supply and trafficking the drug on October 6. They were also not required to plead to those offences.

Magistrate Weekes also warned relatives in the courtroom not to “communicate with the accused while they are in custody.”

He explained that family members were allowed into the courtroom so they could see the accused and see how they were doing.

“But you all see all this shouting out? That won’t be allowed.”

Weekes informed them that “going forward”, any communication with the prisoners would have to be done through the prison authorities.

Once outside, the prisoners were quickly put inside a waiting police van. As it drove from the courtyard with siren blaring, relatives shook at the prisoners. Some were seen sobbing quietly.

One woman had to be held, though, as she practically collapsed while screaming “them can’t carry he way, them can’t carry he way.”

Worrell’s mother and aunt were present inside the court today. Once the accused men had made their court appearance, they joined the deceased’s brother, sisters and other relatives on the outside.

The family was in a seemingly calm mood as they chatted quietly among themselves and observed what was taking place in the courtyard.

Angella Mitchell-Gittens is representing Chadderton while the others are unrepresented.

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