Reverend: “Reclaim your identity”

Rector of St George Parish Church, Reverend John Rogers, has thrown out a challenge to Caribbean people to reclaim their identity.

He was delivering the sermon at a service to mark the 20th anniversary of Barbados Association of Retired Persons (BARP) at the rural Anglican Church.

Members of the congregation at the BARP anniversary service.

The cleric said: “If we do not reclaim our identity persons would come here and treat us in any way they think necessary and because we do not have a correct understanding of ourselves, because we do not have a collective understanding of ourselves or direction, people would feel vindicated in what they have done. I made similar comments this morning for which I have no apology. We here in this region must recognise our past and start forming a more cohesive unit as a people.

“It is our lack of cohesion, our lack of unity, our lack of understanding ourselves, our lack of self identity, that perhaps gave British Prime Minister David Cameron the right to feel that he could come into this region and tell us as a people, it is time to forget slavery and let it pass. I will help you out, I will give you 25 million pounds sterling to build a cage and I will send back some people to you.

“David Cameron would not go to Jerusalem and tell the Jews to forget the Holocaust. He would not go to Jerusalem and tell the Jews to forget Masada of AD70,” the cleric added.

Rev Rogers told his congregation, which included former Deputy Prime Minister Billie Miller and other members of BARP, that there will come a time when Caribbean people would get over the horrors of slavery, but they would do it in their time and at their pace and on their terms.

“It is not for him to come to the region and tell us what to do. That happens because the message was not passed on. The struggle was not shared. And if we do not share our struggle as a people, and we do not let our people know that we will survive because we have done it before, our people would always feel a sense of mendicancy and persons like Cameron and others would come and just throw something at us and that would settle the issue,” he said. (NC)

9 Responses to Reverend: “Reclaim your identity”

  1. seagul October 12, 2015 at 3:03 am

    I’m gonna walk up to the top of the rock of sacrifice
    ‘Cause I know now life ain’t no dice
    Yes, I know now life is a sacrifice
    Witness the rising sun from Masada
    Witness Jah rising sun now from Masada
    I’m gonna witness the rising sun from Masada
    Witness Jah rising sun now from Masada
    Sleep by the Dead Sea
    And rise up with the birds from the hills

  2. jrsmith October 12, 2015 at 4:12 am

    Go after Cameron month, then it will go and come again ,through someone else. everyone else have risen from the dust ,other than the black man. A TV documentary show , blacks in the US ,is worst of now, than they were 50 years ago. this is where the Caribbean regions take they time from , monkey see monkey do.
    Blaming Cameron , no blame our politicians, if you tend to ask the right questions , you may get the right answers.

    There in London is an achieve with all the relevant information, which can be directed at the british government, with out doubting , our politicians sit back say things ,make comments , but offer no evidence. again a TV documentary was shown some months ago in London, exposing all the information , which should be ask of the british government.

    As for the offering ,of monies to construct a prison in Jamaica, again, comments from our reverend Rogers, but he should think before he commented, that we in Barbados may have to take up the offer from Prime minster Cameron ,at the rate crime is committed our little island we would need a new prison.

  3. seagul October 12, 2015 at 7:00 am

    Some people get billions for their Holocaust and we receive prisons. The writing is on the wall about black lives.

  4. Alex Alleyne October 12, 2015 at 8:02 am

    A DUNGEON fully equip with a torture chamber.

  5. Menace II Babylon October 12, 2015 at 8:14 am

    Coming from a man with white Jesus splattered all over the churches walls about reclaiming our identity lol. How about reclaiming your African spiritual identity and refraining from following Massa ideologies and principles in relation to your hand me down religious doctrines from slavery.

    No one takes any pastor or clergy man serious but the old who have lived their lives, wild it out and then want give it to a fictitious eurocentric charcater, or those born into it and eventually they too grow tired of massa stories, or those willing to buy into the idea of selling hope.

    The youth of today are well aware of the level of catastrophic colonial slave indoctrinated brain washing you intend to carry on. You aint proud to be black, you don’t teach black, your don’t preach black so why would you even wonder into a very intricate topic on repatriations and restitution. That’s the way build prisons to house them instead of looking at infrastructure, schools, medical facilities, services such as water, light and sanitation etc but wanna let Massa through his neo-colonial puppeteer strings tell you what is right, what is wrong, when to give up, when to deal with the future, when to think, sit, stand etc whilst they still punder the motherland then a pastor who has no african self identity, african self worth, little self cultural heritage to wander into the debate in a seminar to the retired persons…… quite comical…people just say what ever they want to say…..I can assure you that you too would be another johnny big mouth guy smiley in the circumference of the world leaders and smile to get your picture taken. That same picture you would put besides your Caucasian Jesus and talking about reclaiming identity……. thats the pot calling the kettle black my good pastor……

  6. Donna October 12, 2015 at 8:23 am

    Can anybody imagine that Cameron thug saying that to us in the days of Errol Barrow? High wind know where old house live. Our leaders are weak and corrupt. They have no moral authority or power to admonish him for his insults. We have become lost and pathetic. Some of it is the fault of the Europeans but we could rise above our past if we got together and tried. I am healed and so are many others. Are we going to break this cycle, or not?

  7. jrsmith October 12, 2015 at 9:00 am

    @,Donna, hail,hail, on the button , again blame our politicians, something I notice, our Caribbean politicians , get they flights into London , they are here , enjoying themselves, living it up, many from the various islands don’t even know they are here. nothing to the british about slavery or reparation.

    But they leave London , go back home, princess Ann visits , we get some talk , Cameron visit we get some talk, but Obama came not a word about reparation, forgetting they were slaves in the US too.
    For once in my life , I find myself , some friends and family ,willing to accept we needed a black Jesus and we have found him in (NELSON MANDELA) Amen. our inspiration.

  8. Menace II Babylon October 12, 2015 at 11:17 am

    smh @ Jrsmith.

  9. Donna October 13, 2015 at 10:18 am

    One of my favourite songs is “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones. They have always admitted to building on the old Negro Blues of the USA so there is no need to start crying shame on me. I realized a while back that the pictures of the white Jesus were a creation of the Europeans. Rather than throw out Jesus maybe all you gotta do is “Paint Him Black”. There’s no merit in throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I am Christian and I always have by word and action “(Said) it loud- I’m black and I’m proud!”


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