Free tablets for 24 more at Welches

Class 3 students at Welches Primary School in St Thomas received free tablets today, courtesy of The Aron & Christina Foundation to assist further in their educational pursuits. The 24 students and their class teacher were each presented with a Samsung Galaxy tablet at a brief ceremony at the school.

Tashaun Hinds was overjoyed after receiving his new Samsumg Galaxy Tab 4.
Tashaun Hinds was overjoyed after receiving his new Samsumg Galaxy Tab 4.

The foundation is committed to and pressing ahead with its efforts to support the development of young Barbadians by having them engage in learning through the use of technology.

On the behalf of his wife and himself, Aron Truss said they were happy to be presenting the tablets to another batch of students to aid in their learning.

“We have young children and we see the importance of technology and education. And we are very aware that many children in Barbados don’t have the same opportunity and not have tablets to do projects or their homework, or just to learn about the Internet or technology in general. The need for technology is growing more and more,” he said.

MP for St James Central Kerrie Symmonds thanked the foundation for its generous gift to the school.

St James Central MP Kerrie Symmonds addressing Welches Primary students. 
St James Central MP Kerrie Symmonds addressing Welches Primary students.

“This is a very useful donation because it helps solve a real serious problem that we have in Barbados . . . . What you are doing is a wonderful thing for Barbados. We have a small economy . . . frustrated by a number of challenges.

“Some of the most essential demands are to make life better for our children in Barbados. While you help with bridging the information technology divide, you help us to build a better future for our children,” Symmonds said.

He also urged the students to take full advantage of the tablets and to care them.

“. . . We have to be very aware of the need to care the tablets. They are essential tools for you ability to master information technology; essential tools for you to prepare your work in the future.”

A frequent visitor to Barbados, Andy Stewart, sponsored today’s effort. Stewart has been visiting Barbados for over
40 years.

The charity was founded by Aron and Christina Truss in 2009 “to promote and facilitate children’s education” at the primary and secondary levels in Barbados, “as we believe that this will be the best means of ensuring the island’s social, economic and stability in the future”, the husband and wife team state on the foundation’s website. (DB)

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