‘Minor mass casualty’ accident among nine today

It was a busy day for police responding to a spate of motor vehicle accidents after heavy rain contributed to challenging conditions on the island’s roads.

Sixteen persons were injured in today’s accident on Maxwell Main Road, Christ Church.
Sixteen persons were injured in today’s accident on Maxwell Main Road, Christ Church.

Police reported at least nine accidents, one of them described as “minor mass casualty” by acting police public relations officer, acting Station Sergeant Roland Cobbler.

As a result of this collision involving a ZR van and a car along Maxwell Main Road, Christ Church at its junction with Dover Road, six persons had to be taken for medical treatment and 10 others were left nursing injuries.

“There were some 16 persons within that vehicle who complained of minor injuries. We sought to have the matter investigated and we employed the resources of the ambulance service, we had a doctor on site and members of the Barbados Fire Service came to the scene,” Assistant Superintendent of Police John Maxwell told Barbados TODAY at the scene.

“Fortunately, there were no serious injuries and I am aware that at least six persons have gone off to seek medical attention. I am told that five have gone to Fast Track and one to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital,” he added.

None of the injuries was said to be life threatening but passengers complained of pains to the neck, chest, back, shoulders and other parts of the body.

The car registration number J1140 was driven by Alvin Mason, 71, of Church View, St John while the ZR van registration number ZR 226 was driven by Kevin Johnson, 32, of Lewis Gap, Green Hill, St Michael.

Both drivers complained of injuries and sought medical attention. The accident occurred around 8.15 a.m in rainy conditions. The ZR is owned by DESAI Transport Company Limited located on Kings Street, St Michael.

“We have always been appealing to members of the
public  . . . to use [the roads] carefully, particularly the drivers of motor vehicles, but you can appreciate that when it is wet or it rains that you will have to be extra cautious about how your traverse the streets,” Maxwell said.

Four ambulances, a fire tender and police responded to the scene.

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  1. Observer October 8, 2015 at 11:27 am

    A little bit of common sense would of help seeing the weather conditions.


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