GUYANA – Intruder sneaks into hospital ward

GEORGETOWN –– Patients at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation awoke at midnight yesterday to screams of female patients who panicked when they saw
a man sitting on the bed of a 16-year-old girl.

Reports are that around 12:30 a.m. yesterday, pandemonium ensued in Room 3017 of the institution’s female ward after patients realized that a 48-year-old man had somehow sneaked into the ward, located on the third floor, to molest the teen.

The ward where the incident occurred.
The ward where the incident occurred.

Patients have related that even as the 16-year-old lay helplessly on the bed crying, the intruder was attempting to woo her.

He reportedly told her to place her fingers on her lips and be quiet while he asked her whether she loved him and wanted to marry him.

According to patients, the victim was cowering under her blankets throughout the ordeal but the perpetrator had reportedly slipped his hand beneath the cover and was groping her.

Patients who share the ward with the 16-year-old told Kaieteur News that they were alerted by the shouts of one of the older women who first noticed their midnight “visitor”.

They immediately realized the man was not an employee or a patient.

A commotion ensued and the ward sister reportedly came in to see what was happening. Cornered by the women, the intruder was reportedly grilled about his presence in the ward at such an hour. According to the patients, however, an answer was not forthcoming.

He was reportedly chased by the sister but was reluctant to leave.

“The guy gave us a little hard time. He didn’t fight with the sister but he didn’t want to come out of the room, so I said call the police!” a patient related.

She said he was removed from the ward and taken into custody.

One woman said after being rescued, the child revealed that the intruder had instructed her to remain silent while he sat on the bed, touched and questioned her.

Many questions have since surfaced as to how he knew where she was and how he could have entered the ward, especially since it was on the third floor.

Both parties are said to be from villages on the West Coast of Demerara and suspicion is that the man may have been observing the girl even before she was admitted to the institution last Thursday and decided to pounce when her guardians were absent.

It is said that the girl is normally in the company of her mother.

Patients said that her parents came later that morning. A patient said when they questioned the child on what transpired, she reportedly related that the man instructed her to place her finger on her lips. She complied and he kept questioning her whether she would marry him and if she knew that he
loved her.

“When I wake up that’s how I found her; she had her finger on her lips,” a patient noted.

“Surprisingly this guy lives close to this girl and he came when he knew nobody would be up. He could have been stalking her all the time. Her mum says she doesn’t go anywhere without her [mother],” related one patient who knows the teen.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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