‘Post’ Waldron finally delivers

Under mounting pressure following a string of defeats Junior “Post” Waldron came good to see St George home to a nail-biting 21-19 victory over defending champions St Martins in the John Walcott Memorial Draughts tournament at Jo Jo’s, One Carlton Plaza, Black Rock Sunday evening.

Beaten previously by two newcomers, the postman delivered with a crushing 2-0 victory over Ian Callender in the last match to see his team home by the narrowest of margins. Waldron, who has been critical of media coverage of his defeats, also stopped the “King of Cross” Darwin Lorde 1-0 to rake up an important seven points.

Junio “Post” Waldron
Junio “Post” Waldron

Lodge Road A were restricted to a 27-13 victory over Proper Pushers but their captain Whitfield Robinson was in top form with 2-0 wins against Clatis Pinder and Lorenzo Taitt, a truly outstanding performance. But there were concerns for Lodge Road as Wayne Gill lost both of this matches, 0-1 to Vassal Cumberbatch and 0-1 to Brendan “I-Dunn” Rawlins.

The Magicians recovered from a narrow escape against Proper Pushers on Wednesday to overwhelm Mayers Road Tigers 35-5 at Jo Jo’s. On Wednesday Carson Farley looked fragile with draws, including 1-1 against newcomer Rudolph Mapp. Mike Barker, saviour of the Magicians on Wednesday with two wins, was back in fine form along with Guy Norde and Farley on Sunday.

Norde made firewood of Everton Wiggins and Sylvester Fenty, 2-0 in both instances.

Lodge Road B and Mayers Road Lions fought to a standstill, the first 20-20 tie of the tournament.

Tyrone “GeneraL Norpe” Moore was in fine form for Mayers Road Lions, dismissing a disappointing Carl David 2-0 and Anderson Hunte 1-0. Moore, who is physically handicapped, has been a beacon for his team having bagged Waldron and Hugh “Evie” Kellan on a previous occasion.

Source: (Hallam Hope)

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