Tuach taking on the surf in France

Top Barbadian surfer Chelsea Tuach will be in action at the World Surf League (WSL) Women’s Championship Tour event to be held in Hossegor, France, between October 6 and 17.

Tuach earned the wild card entry as the highest ranked Roxy rider not yet on the Women’s Championship Tour.

Chelsea Tuach looking to impress in France.
Chelsea Tuach looking to impress in France.

This will be Tuach’s second opportunity this year to surf with the seventeen elite female surfers on the “dream” tour. She was also granted a wild card for the prestigious Vans US Open of Surfing held in July in Huntingon Beach, California.

She was granted the wild card as the highest ranked surfer from the North American region not yet on the WCT. The webcast commentators at the event were impressed by the level and maturity of Chelsea’s surfing and predicted that she would one day join the “big leagues”. Little did they know at the time that their predictions would come true within a few short weeks.

Tuach will be flying out to France next week after some intense training with her coach, Jim Hogan, who will be spending some time in Barbados to train both her and the Barbados national junior surf team.

“This has been an incredible year and an amazing journey. To realize my dream after all of the hard work and the ups and downs is the best feeling in the world. And now to be granted the opportunity to surf with the top, female surfers in the world at the Roxy Pro France, and have a second chance to experience what it will be like next year is truly awesome.

“My heart is full of gratitude, to God first, and to my family, my sponsors and my Barbadian supporters for always being there for me, for believing in my dream and backing me all the way,” she said.

September has been an incredible month for Tuach. Not only did she get the biggest win of her young career when she was crowned the Women’s Champion of the WSLPantin Classic Galicia Pro earlier in the month, but with the 6000 points that she earned she was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming one of only 17 women worldwide to qualify for the 2016 Samsung Galaxy WSL World Championship Tour.

The win in Pantin catapulted Tuach to number 4 on the WSL World Qualification Series rankings and got her that important invitation to compete in Hossegor.

The Roxy Pro France will be webcast live between October 6 and 17 at www.worldsurfleague.com.

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  1. Some Guy September 26, 2015 at 9:44 am

    Fantastic! I hope you make it to the top


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