A call to Action

A coalition of Caribbean non-governmental organizations has joined partners around the world in a campaign to lobby governments to adopt and pursue people-centered agendas.

Under a movement called Action 2015, the Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC) has teamed up with NGOs in over 100 other countries to wage the campaign which is about promoting a better future.

The Action 2015 group in Barbados held a walk through Queens Park on Thursday night and CPDC Executive Director Shantal Munro-Knight urged others to come on board as they fight to bring an end to poverty and equality and push for policy actions to fight climate change.

CPDC Executive Director Shantal Munro-Knight

“We are not doing it in Barbados alone,” she said.

CEO of the Barbados Agriculture Society James Paul threw his support behind the movement.

“I think we have reached the stage in our communities where there needs to be a level of individual responsibility for change. Action 2015 speaks to that and the fact that our young people are influencing that process is extremely important.” he said. (DB)

One Response to A call to Action

  1. jrsmith September 27, 2015 at 6:27 am

    Waste of time, a better future for whom, for the drug cartels ,most of these countries/island is political, and corporately corrupt, with poverty ,drugs and violence, Barbados is catching up.
    There was a world financial status report , sometime early in the year, which claim, a London redbus full and a half, of people owns 72% of the worlds wealth. that’s under a hundred people.

    What we need is honest to goodness politicians, to wake up , put our country right, your joining this and joining that, lets get Barbados LTD, fixed first.


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