TRINIDAD – Teen who attempted suicide ties the knot

PORT OF SPAIN –– The teenager who attempted to take her life weeks after her mother committed suicide, following the killing of her (the teen’s) prison officer stepfather, is now married.

The girl, 17 of Barrackpore tied the knot on Saturday last with a 24-year-old Penal man.


The marriage was performed by a pundit in south Trinidad and witnessed by several of her family members.

Among those attending the wedding were the teenager’s father, siblings and other relatives.

The wedding ceremony took place a few hours after the teenager was discharged from the San Fernando General Hospital after being warded at the Psychiatric Ward.

Nearly two weeks ago, the teenager attempted to take her own life by consuming a poisonous substance at the family’s Barrackpore home.

She was found frothing from her mouth in a bedroom of the house by a relative.

Police reported that a bottle containing paint thinners was found on the ground nearby.

The young woman was rushed to hospital in an ambulance. The girl underwent a psychiatric assessment and counselling.

Prison officer Robert Seecharan, 36, was killed with his licensed firearm at the hands of a teenaged relative. Two weeks after his death, Seecharan’s common-law wife Sherry Ann, 35, took her own life by consuming a poisonous substance. In July, Seecharan’s brother-in-law Cyrus Joseph was shot and killed in his garden in Barrackpore in full view of his two children.

On July 29, Seecharan was shot and killed with his licensed firearm during a domestic dispute while he and his family members were returning to their Barrackpore home following a beach outing. His teenaged stepdaughter accepted responsibility for firing the fatal shot, telling investigators she did it to save her mother’s life. It was reported that Sherry Ann, a housewife, was the victim of domestic violence during the couple’s five-year relationship, but loved her common-law husband so much that she said she couldn’t live without him. Following Seecharan’s death, Sherry-Ann and her two daughters were taken in for questioning and subsequently released when the director of public prosecutions ordered no charges be laid.

Sherry-Ann never recovered from the heartbreak over the death of her common-law husband, and on August 12 took her own life by ingesting a toxic substance. Since the death of her mother and stepfather, Newsday learnt that the teen had been staying with her father but became depressed.

Yesterday, one relative said the girl was not emotionally ready to become a wife.

“She is still dealing with all these deaths and now to become a wife . . . . It is not right at all,” the relative said. “She almost died and now turns around and gets married,” the relative said.

The relative said the teen’s father and the groom had no right to allow a girl at such a tender age to take such a huge step as marriage, given her emotional and psychological struggles.

The teenager now lives with her husband somewhere in south Trinidad.

Source: (Newsday)

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