The hottest on record

yourwealthourinterest-1The fan has opened the way to the promised land

To vanquish the heat at hand.

The troops are grateful in their celebrations,

But the day is lost; the heat has won!

Productivity has lost.

I pen this letter in earnest.

Let future generals know that the climate is changing.

–– Signed Private Activist on behalf of General Craig J. M. Harewood

All jokes aside, the summer of 2015 has been the hottest on record, according to the United States’ National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration. This fact is particularly interesting since scientists have established that above average temperatures are highly correlated to an increase in levels of aggressiveness and human conflict.

Correlation doesn’t mean causality, but it is a cautionary tale as we expect Earth to slowly get warmer, thanks
to global warming.

Studies also found that a 2.78 degree Celsius increase in an average United States county over a month could raise the odds of personal violence such as assault, murder and domestic violence by four per cent, and the risk of civil war, riots or ethnic violence by 14 per cent.

Worldwide temperature is expected to increase by two to four standard deviations by 2050, which increases the risk of human conflict in high and low-income countries by 30 per cent, according to Professor Solomon Hsiang (associate professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley). Thus, the question that must be asked is: “what is our public policy for global warming?”

Are we fully engaged to maintain cool heads? If we can’t avert global warming by requesting the polluter nations of this world to cut their emissions, then what is our plan B? Do we simply buy more fans and air-conditioning units?

Unfortunately, at a cursory glance, no information was found on the topic Impact Of Increasing Temperatures On Caribbean Countries. If the link between increased conflict or crime and a rise in temperature holds true for the Caribbean, then this adds yet another reason for Caribbean governments to create defensive strategies for climate change.

While not having all the answers I would advocate improvements to public places and transport where large numbers gather, while noting that an increase in crime linked to temperature (according to the research) has a lag period. For example even though the temperature is hottest during the middle of the day, crime isn’t highest during this time.

(Craig harewood is a director of OurInterest Inc.)

One Response to The hottest on record

  1. Tony Waterman September 22, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    @Craig harewood!!!! you said Quote””even though the temperature is hottest during the middle of the day, crime isn’t highest during this time.””
    well!!! Why do you think that Mexicans have Siestas, i would like to think that of Criminals as Criminals not Fools.

    BTW:- since Weather/Temperture Statistics were not always kept, how do we know that we are not now experiencing just another cycle, something that was here sometime in the long past, and was not experienced by anyone living Today, and for which there is NO Record for Comparison ????? For Instance, it was not until 1724 – that Gabriel Fahrenheit created a reliable scale for measuring temperature with a mercury-type thermometer.
    If the Huge Corporations would STOP cutting Down and clearing the World’s Rain Forests, we would not be having this Conversation. Whomsoever Created this Planet, had a different view of it’s existence that those views held by the Big Corporations, they are our Biggest Climatic Problem.


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