Evelyn confesses and makes appeal for help

COURT TODAY BLOCKAlthough Jason Omar Evelyn was charged with and pleaded guilty to stealing $1 580 in items from Fusionz Boutique between September 15 and 16, he told a Bridgetown magistrate yesterday that all he stole was one t-shirt.

When Evelyn, 27, went before Magistrate Douglas Frederick, Sergeant Martin Rock told the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court that the accused was walking through Tudor Street, The City, when he noticed a store with a broken show window. He pushed his arm through the window and removed the property.

Evelyn, who is known to the court, said he was not there “to tell lies.” “I took one t-shirt,” he said. Evelyn went on to say that he is a cocaine addict in need of help. “I am asking you if you can help me in any way,” he pleaded.

Magistrate Frederick questioned why he, like so many others, waited until he got to court to ask for help with his addiction. “Why you didn’t walk and go in somewhere and ask for help when you were outside?”

Evelyn was remanded until October 19 when he will be sentenced.

Just last week, 31-year-old Nicholas John Blaggrove confessed to stealing the same items from the boutique. Blaggrove lives at Promenade Road, Kew Road, St. Michael.

Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant sentenced him to nine months at HMP Dodds. He was given six months for the robbery and another nine months for theft of the items. The nine months will run concurrently.

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  1. Tony Waterman September 23, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    @Sandra Downes!!!! You Said””Blaggrove lives at Promenade Road, Kew Road, St. Michael.”” Since When was Promenade Road and Kew Road one and the Same ??
    as far as i know Promenade Rd. runs obliquely across from Grazettes Rd. and alongside the Mascoll House, now a medical office.
    The Kew Road, Starts at Tudor Bridge (Next to the Old Kew Church, My Grandmother’s Church) and obliquely across fro the Old Louis Pickett Rum Shop, that would make these two roads ABOUT at least 100 Yards apart from each other.
    I was born at the top of Spooners Hill across from the 2 mile stone, and in front of the Bus Stop now across from Popular Discounts , and went to primary at Mrs.Roach about half way between Promenade Road and Kew Road.
    please let me know how you came to that conclusion.


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