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C&W in Sunday coast clean-up

Staff of Cable & Wireless Barbados –– operators of FLOW and Cable & Wireless Business –– kicked off Health And Safety Week on Sunday morning by scouring Six Men’s Bay, St Peter, as part of the International Coastal Clean-Up effort, removing more than 400 pounds of garbage.

Managing director Niall Sheehy said: “We have a mandate to not only become the best service provider in Barbados, but we are committed to building up the communities in which we live and work. Ever-increasing trash and waste have produced nothing less than a global crisis for our sea waters, our marine life and habitat, our own human health and safety, wasted resources and lost revenues for our nation.

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“We can only do well as a business by doing good for the people we work for and with;z that is why we continue to make this annual beach clean-up an important date in our calendar as a starting point and not an end point to our Health And Safety Week,” he added.

The week of activities will continue with health checks, stress management seminars, physical activities like road tennis, zumba and tai chi, visits from nutritionists and masseuses. The week ends on September 27 as staff joins the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s GLOW Walk.

One Response to C&W in Sunday coast clean-up

  1. Doria Alleyne
    Doria Alleyne September 22, 2015 at 11:34 am

    Jah blessing and love to U all for a well done job.


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