Neesha promises Spirited launch

High-Note-2Don’t come expecting to experience just another concert. That is the word from recording Christian artist Neesha Woodz to patrons who would be attending her second album launch on Saturday, September 26, at the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre in Country Road, St Michael, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Instead, Neesha wants people to expect the Spirit of God to move in their lives and for the music to take them beyond merely having a good time.

“I want to tell people to come with expectations . . . . Don’t come with the mindset of an ordinary concert [or] an ordinary album launch. Expect God to really show up and move and meet needs, because at the end of the day, wherever there is a gathering of His  believers, yuh know, God will come in the midst, and He would do what he has to do,” emphasized the popular artist who has been nominated as the 2015 Female Gospel Artist Of The Year by the Barbados Music Awards (BMA). Neesha told High Note that based on the last two major events she had produced, God showed up in different ways on both occasions.

“Especially last year, I remember when we had the concert, people had testimonies of being healed as they were worshipping God. So it is not to come with the expectation that ‘Oh, she just launching her album. Leh me just go and support’. But [you] should really come with an attitude to worship and praise God,” explained the young music minister with 25 singles (excluding two Christmas songs) to her name.

As an added bonus, Neesha will also be sharing her testimony with the audience as to how good God has been to her.

“It’s just a celebration of His faithfulness in the whole process [leading up to the album launch].”

At the launch of her 12-track Fyah album, Neesha will be supported by guests artistes Sister Margarita Marshall, Promise, Gozzy, John Yarde and Raphael Saul. Attendees will be able to feast on soca, reggae and alternative genres as Neesha shares from her new release such songs as the title track Fyah, along with So Amazing, Express Yourself, Heart ’Pon Lock (featurting psalmist Jamel), Worship Medley, Hold On, Let God Be God and Sunshine.

The other songs on the album are Seek The Lord (featuring Joel Brooks), Purify Me (featuring Alison Norville], More Of You and Stand Up For Christ.

As she prepares for her album launch, it is also noteworthy that this young Christian music minister is looking to embark on an expanded tour within and outside the Caribbean next year, against a background that her latest single Fyah is reported to be “burning up” the radio airwaves in Trinidad and Tobago, and various regional DJs are after her for her music.

Apart from being a nominee for Female Gospel Artist of 2015 by the BMA, Neesha is also the only gospel act nominated in the category of Female Entertainer Of The Year.

She will be using her album launch as a means of intensifying the spread of her music into the future, but would not be limiting herself to only singing. Some of her major goals include producing her own music and possibly developing
a label, getting involved in media work and setting up a charity for less fortunate children.

At her launch, this progressive artiste will get a taste of charitable work, when she accommodates a young woman, Jelisa Edwards, who is behind a charity called Soar With Eagles Foundation. That foundation has a children’s relief drive for Dominica and will be setting up a bin at the venue to collect non-perishable items and other materials for children.

“I would like to get into doing charity, because my heart has always been about giving to the less fortunate. Children has been one of my loves as well too. So there are so many things, I just have to sit down and put everything in place and see how to get where I need to go.

“Next year I intend to do a lot of travelling. I believe this album is going to be the catalyst for that. I think it is going to do really well. Even with some of the singles I have released so far, DJs from all over [the region] have been asking me to send the music to them, as opposed to my initiating the sending, which is a good sign.”

She revealed that a DJ from W107.1FM in Trinidad, one of the more popular radio stations there, had been encouraging her to keep up the good work because Trinidad knew her name now and that Fyah was blazing up the airwaves.

So big things are happening for our own daughter of the soil, and even greater things are in store for her. Let’s wish her well in her future endeavours as she continues to minister for the glory of God and enjoy her rewards here and now.

After her concert, Neesha will be going again to the US Virgin Islands towards the end of November
to perform.

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