Chefette gives to Dominica

One of Barbados’ largest companies, well known for generous donations to local charities and helping the needy,
has once again come to the assistance of those who have met with misfortune.

Chefette recently presented a cheque for the sum of $20,000 to Barbados Cares, a non-profit organization,
in aid of the Dominica Disaster Relief.

On August 27, Tropical Storm Erika on its path across the Caribbean dumped exceptionally heavy rains on the island of Dominica, resulting in vast destruction and leaving many Dominicans dislocated. Neighbouring islands, including Barbados, have come together to assist with the rebuilding efforts estimated at a cost of EC$1 billion (about BDS$740 million).

During the presentation at Chefette’s corporate office, representative of the Barbados Cares Committee, Richard Haynes, lauded Chefette, adding: “Our committee, made up of over 25 local event promoters and brands, have come together to promote and support the relief and recovery efforts. As we work with the Dominica Association of Barbados and other agencies there, we will combine our promotional capabilities to raise awareness here and to highlight how Barbadian citizens, both individual and corporate, can contribute.”

Chefette’s managing director Ryan Haloute noted that he was pleased with this massive humanitarian project’s efforts.

“We continue to pray for our neighbouring West Indians in Dominica to swiftly regain some form of normalcy in their daily lives as they continue to battle from the devastation left by Tropical Storm Erika,” he said.  “Our monetary donation will be used towards the much needed water tanks, especially in some school areas.”

Already, Barbados Cares has “been humbled by the incredible response” of its corporate friends, and has made an earnest appeal to organizations to assist, “in an effort to making Barbados Cares a tremendous success for the sake of the people of Dominica”.

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