Costly damage

Unemployed man to pay for repairs to car

COURT TODAY BLOCKAn unemployed St Michael man today admitted damaging his neighbour’s car and also using threatening words towards him on August 18 and 23 respectively.

Paul Shurland Sandiford of 1st Avenue Gills Gap, Eagle Hall appeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant.

The prosecutor said that on the first date the complainant Yogendra Sawh drove home his car and parked it next to his house, secured it and went inside.

Around 3.30 a.m. he heard a loud noise outside and when he looked he saw Sandiford running from the area where the car was parked. Sawh went outside and noticed two dents on the car’s bonnet. He also saw a large rock beside the car.

Sawh reported the matter to the Black Rock Police Station.

The estimate for repairs to the vehicle is $1 379.17

Sandiford told the court it was not a rock which Sawh saw, but a pear which fell and dented the car.

“The complainant feel that I ain’t to pick none of my pears that which come over into his yard . . . That is how this whole dispute come about. A branch grow over by he,” Sandiford explained.

When Magistrate Cuffy-Sargeant asked Sandiford how come the complainant saw him running away from the scene, he replied: “He didn’t see me. It is for spite that he say he see me. People does be ‘bout there that time of night.”

“I won’t have to go all ‘round to the front of he house to hit he car and then run back ‘round. The paling low enough that I could pelt a rock and hit he car if I did want to hit it. What sense that would mek?”

As for using the threatening words, the court heard that on August 23, Sawh was standing on his back step when he saw Sandiford standing in the road.

According to the facts, Sandiford told him: “Yuh see you, yuh see you? You barely want you throat cutting. If the police hold me for anything, next time it gine be you head, not you car. I gine burn down you place flat and you car.”

Sandiford contended that Sawh “can’t stand from his back step and see me in the main road. All these things are lies he is telling. I apologize, Mam.”

Sandiford then told the court that he was willing to pay compensation for the car. He was ordered to pay $1 379. 17 to cover the cost of damages by November 6 or spend four months in jail.

He was also placed on a six-month bond to be of good behaviour and keep the peace. If he does not, he will have to part with $1 500 immediately or spend a month behind bars.

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  1. allison archer September 11, 2015 at 11:17 am

    you will suffer the embarrassment, loss of funds, maybe even your life over a limb of a fruit tree
    let the man keep the stupid fruit, it is just a fruit
    I’m sure that money could be spent elsewhere for your pleasure
    the level of maturity in todays man is as a 5 year old child


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