TRINIDAD – Rowley confident of victory

PORT OF SPAIN –– Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley says he’s confident the People’s National Movement (PNM) will win more than 21 seats. He noted, though, that the general election is competitive.

He was speaking to members of the media this morning after casting his vote at the International School, Westmoorings, around 9 a.m.

Leader of the PNM Dr Keith Rowley casts his vote at the International School, Westmoorings.
Leader of the PNM Dr Keith Rowley casts his vote at the International School, Westmoorings.

Rowley, who was accompanied by heavy security details comprising four black heavily-tinted SUVs, arrived at the polling station along with his wife and two daughters. There were no line, so Rowley was able to cast his vote within a few minutes.

Rowley spoke about a complaint that was made to the Commonwealth Observers and the police about United National Congress supporters canvassing on election day, sending text messages to potential voters. Rowley said there are copies of the text messages. He said he had only heard about the issue but did not make a report.

Rowley said campaigning for this year’s general election was one of “disappointment and nastiness”.  He said, “There were personal attacks that were plain nasty, which started by the Government before elections began.”  Rowley noted that the elections code of ethics signed by political parties did not make any difference.  He does not know if the nasty campaigns will work to the benefit of those who ran the campaigns.

Speaking about the fire that was set by a young man on the PNM’s stage at its final rally on Saturday, Rowely said “it could have been a disaster which would have created widespread panic,” and he trusts that the law will be enforced.

After voting, Rowley was on his way to have breakfsat before going to polling stations in Diego Martin West. He plans to go as far east as Tunapuna today. Rowley will make his way to Balisier House later today.

Source: (Trinidad Guardian)

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