Our MJ looking to American contract

He has been dancing his way into the hearts of fans, and now he appears set to a land a one-year contract to perform in the United States.

Barbados’ own Michael Jackson –– Charles Reece –– is going places.

Reece, a favourite for hundreds who frequent Oistins to lime and enjoy local meals, returned home in May after going to England to participate in Britain’s Got Talent.

Charles has been dancing like Michael Jackson  since the age of ten.
Charles has been dancing like Michael Jackson
since the age of ten.

While he only made it to the third round of the event and not to the live show, Reece told Bajan Vibes it was a wonderful experience.

“My experience was very, very good. I didn’t make it to the live show, but I was still able to perform in hotels for the rest of my stay there. I was able to record other songs with artistes coming up to England as well.

“I also did a number of videos dancing in England.”

Reece, who has been dancing like MJ, the late pop legend, since he was age ten, admitted it was a nerve-racking experience; but he was well received by Brits and encouraged to develop his talent.

Charles Reece is a favourite of locals and visitors who lime at Oistins. 
Charles Reece is a favourite of locals and visitors who lime at Oistins. 

“When I was there I very nervous. I was in the sitting area waiting for my name to be called to go into a private room –– this room had two judges.

“A lot of people were going in and coming out feeling bad. So I was wondering: if they are coming out feeling so bad, what are there doing so bad that they cannot get a second stage ticket? So this had me feeling nervous.

“But when it was my turn. I went into the room introduced myself and I performed. Right after that I had a stage two ticket and I went straight to the second round. Then I went as far as the third round; but I didn’t make the live shows.”

This did not deter Reece who went on to perform before large gathering at pubs. There he received strong support and was encouraged to continue to develop his skills.

“The response that people gave me, it was like, ‘Seriously, you did not make it to the live shows and you are this good?’. I just responded, ‘It was what the judges said and their decision is final’. Still it was worth it.”

Charles Reece has  performed at Britian’s Got Talent.
Charles Reece has performed at Britian’s Got Talent.

Since returning home, the talented dancer has been quite busy developing other skills.

“I have been working on a documentary about performing in London and Barbados. I have also been designing my own T-shirts coming out with my face printed on them as well. I am also working on a movie series with friends. So I’m just doing different things to get my talent out there.

“I am also doing a music video with CBC at the end of the year.”

In the meantime, Reece, who has been dancing at Sandy Lane for five years, has attracted the eyes of overseas interests. He did not reveal the name, but Reece said he was excited and anxiously awaiting word on the new opportunity.

“This guy saw me in the crowd impersonating Michael Jackson at the hotel and he contacted the guy I work for at Sandy Lane. They heard that I went to Britain’s Got Talent and they contacted Sandy Lane for me to be part of an event.

“They asked for two videos and two weeks later they were asking for my shoe size. A couple weeks later, I received word they wanted me to come in September for a one-year contract.

“I am still in waiting mode, but I am looking forward to it.”


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  1. jrsmith September 14, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    Good luck to you ,young man , you must do your own thing, you are not Michael Jackson ,he is dead. You are a bajan Mr. Reece, again do your own thing, kick ass good luck.


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