‘Inspiring’ Kingdom Arts 2015

Simply inspiring! That’s how director of the August 14 to 22 Kingdom Arts Festival, Kayrie Rice-Smith, has described the second instalment of the event described as a blend of creative artistic expression, worship, prayer, and practical teaching about God and the arts.

Bumper crowds were attracted to the range of events on offer, which started with worship team workshops conducted by international worship leader Jaye Thomas, who instructed participants on how to enhance their praise and worship ministry and deepen their journey with God.

The Glow Worship event featured prayer and worship.
The Glow Worship event featured prayer and worship.

“It started off with a bang with Jaye Thomas. We had a lot of local support for the churches for our workshops, and we thought that everything came off well. We were happy with everything,” said Rice-Smith.

The Christian festival was not complete without the Prayer Room Experience, where the large gathering interceded for divine wisdom to help transform society.

Equally well received and praised by the attendees were the Visual And Performing Arts Gala, Kingdom Fashion and the Culinary Experience where popular faces in the Christian community pitted their skills.

“We liken our festival to NIFCA, the one festival that would showcase the different aspects of the arts. We are doing a similar thing, but we want to do it with a spin that is more holistic. Our vision really is for us to inspire people to push their God-given abilities and God-given talents.

“So we are saying if you are called to be a singer, then pursue that. If you are called to be a fine artist, then do that to the best of your ability. Pursue your dreams and run after your goals.

Worship leader Tricia Hercules.
Worship leader Tricia Hercules.

“Don’t see it as just a skill; see it as something you can potentially earn from as well and glorify God.”

Rice-Smith, who was happy with the increase in this year’s sponsors, said every effort was being made to attract more outside interests to the week-long event.

“We definitely want more regional and international participants. Essentially we are marketing Barbados and what we have to offer. Beyond the Christian community we want to appeal to a larger market because we are showcasing the arts.

“So we would like more local artistes to be involved –– Christian and non-Christian, as well as more regional and international participants. We are really going to be working strategically next year to get some regional and international participants.”

Worship leader John Yarde could not contain his emotion.
Worship leader John Yarde could not contain his emotion.

Rice-Smith could not say what would be in the bag next year, but the festival will definitely be on the calendar.

“It is going to be excellent really. I don’t know what new elements we are going to add as yet, but we are certainly going to be praying into it and seeing what God wants, because essentially we are led by God and what He wants to showcase.”

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